WTF? Netflix Might Get Banned In Australia!

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Australians might find themselves without Netflix if the country applies its new local quota to streaming services! In case you didn’t know, Australia already has a quota requiring 55% of what airs on TV between the hours of 6 A.M. and midnight to be local Australian content. Unfortunately, Netflix and other streaming services are being looked at as “challenging existing business models” by not having the same rule apply — and they may soon be banned if they don’t adhere to any new quotas. Video: Lily Collins Battles Anorexia In New Netflix Original But how will our Aussie friends get their Netflix and chill? Sigh. The Department of Communication and Arts explains: “Content produced in Australia, or under Australian creative control, reflects and shapes our national identity, character and cultural diversity. When exported, Australian content promotes an Australian view of the world and showcases our cultural and creative talents. It also delivers economic benefits and encourages tourism.” The government will still need to review any quota, but we can’t imagine how people will react if Netflix doesn’t make the cut. After all, would they really go so far as to ban the site and app?? Guess only time will tell!