Wife Swap Mother: I Sensed Trouble with the Stockdales!

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We have an update on the grisly Wife Swap-related murder that took place last week. As previously reported, Jacob Stockdale is believed to have killed his mother and his brother last week in Ohio, prior to turning a gun on himself and attempting suicide. However, the 25-year old has reportedly survived the blast and is in critical condition. Stockdale and his family members took part in a 2008 episode of this controversial ABC reality show, which has since been canceled. Jacob stood out at the time due to his fiddle playing, along with the quirks he and his siblings displayed during their time on the series. According to Laurie Tonkovic – the woman who swapped places nine years ago with Jacob’s now-deceased mom, Kathryn – she allowed Jacob and his three brothers to enjoy a lot of freedom while they lived under her roof. A lot more than they were used to when living with their parents, that is. Tonkovic tells TMZ that Jacob freaked out as a result. He was petrified that his religious mom and dad would be angry and that he would “burn in Hell” due to lessened restrictions on his daily activities. “I was gonna let them have fun… television, video games. You know, [let them] experience life a little bit,” Tonkovic says in an interview with TMZ. But Jacob “went outside crying” after Laurie explained this temporary situation to him, fearful of the repercussions because of what his parents had drilled into him over the years. “He lived in a very controlled environment… his mom and dad told him what to do,” Tonkovic says, adding: “He wasn’t really allowed to do anything. He got up and worked and worked and worked.” Jacob and his brothers were home-schooled and “not allowed to go out among the society,” she tells the website. A police spokesperson says that Jacob shot himself in an apparent suicide attempt just as deputies arrived on the scene last week. His mother and brother, James, were found dead at the scene and Jacob was taken to a local hospital; he’s expected to survive. It’s unknown at this time where Jacob’s father, Tim, and two other brothers were at the time of the killings. But Tim issued a statement shortly after this horrible news went public on Friday. “Kathy [pictured, above] has been my beloved wife of 32 years and a wonderful mother to our four sons,” he told local media outlets, adding: “She loved nothing more than being a mother and grandmother. “She had a strong love of learning and was passionate about her Christian faith, natural health, and organic farming.” View Slideshow: 27 Reality Stars Who Died Way Too Young On Wife Swap, cameras followed two women from different backgrounds as they traded homes and families for two weeks. The Stockdales made their living traveling throughout the Midwest and performing as a family bluegrass band. They actually performed as recently as last Tuesday and had other concert dates sprinkled throughout the summer. This is an older photo, but it’s a look at Jacob, James and Tim performing on stage: “This is a tragedy for the family. It is a tragedy for the community,” Stark County Sheriff George T. Maier said in a statement on Thursday afternoon. We certainly agree. May Kathryn and James rest in peace.
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