Tyga Blames God for Dating Underage Kylie Jenner: WATCH!

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Tyga finally went on record and cleared up some of the rumors surrounding his controversial relationship with Kylie Jenner. Actually, he didn't clear up a whole lot. But the 26-year-old definitely did discuss his girlfriend during an interview with 106 KMEL's Shay Diddy. In one of the more probing questions, the host brought up the issue of Tyga dating Kylie when she was only 17. Shay clearly didn't want to antagonize her guest, so instead of asking what we're all thinking, which is of course, "What's up with you banging a minor, ya nasty perv?" she went easy on the rapper. "Last year when everybody had an issue because of that age difference, how did you handle that?" she asked. Tyga hemmed and hawed for some time, then finally just took off on a random, nonsensical rambling word spree. "I dunno because it's like, it's kinda hard to really talk about that because, I mean, you know people are gonna bash… I didn't understand it, though, coz I'm like, this person is a really good person." What didn't he understand? That dating a minor is, ya know, considered statutory rape in the eyes of the law? Clearly stumped by the question, he went ahead and brought God into it.  "It's almost like the devil keep trying to like tell me something and not like follow God and not like, just let God do what he wanna do." Soooo, he hit on a 17-year-old because God told him to? And the devil advised him NOT to? Nice wingman, that God. Wonder if God coached him when writing the lyrics to "Bouncin' on My Dick"? Tyga did the interview to promote his new single, "Baller Alert," although we're not sure who the song is about, because the last we heard the rapper was broke and getting evicted. Watch the interview below:
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