Twitter Reacts To The 2016 CMA Awards Red Carpet & Show — From The Country Fashion To Beyoncé’s Stunning Performance!

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And we’re off! Wednesday marked the 50th CMA Awards — and all of country music (and Beyoncé!) showed up in Nashville to kick up their heels! Naturally, Twitter had a lot to say in response to the night’s biggest moments! We’ve gathered all of the best reactions to catch you up on highlights from the red carpet and show (below)! When Carrie Underwood showed up to co-host the show looking like a bonafide southern belle: CARRIE UNDERWOOD IS AN ACTUAL PRINCESS #CMAawards50 — bones ™ (@abbygriffiin) November 2, 2016 Carrie Underwood invented being perfect — xL (@DianaPatricia8) November 2, 2016 WOW THE QUEEN HAS ARRIVED @carrieunderwood SLAYS EVERYTHING #CMAAwards50 — Macie (@Macie_Dianne7) November 2, 2016 When Miranda Lambert showed up with her beau Anderson East on her arm: MIRANDA IS SERVING TONIGHT!! #ATTRedCarpet #CMAawards50 — NashvilleGab (@nashvillegab) November 2, 2016 Clearly I was very happy to see them. ??@mirandalambert @Andersoneast — Kaitlyn (@katieswag135) November 2, 2016 Everyone finding out Queen Bey would be taking the stage: Trump is gonna lose and Beyoncé is gonna perform at the Country Music Awards. That’s a wrap on white America. ✌?️✌?️✌?️ — Marcella Arguello (@marcellacomedy) November 2, 2016 me pretending to like country for beyonce — Ziwe (@ziwe) November 2, 2016 Can you believe Beyoncé invented country music? — Satan Herself (@kremedelakitty) November 2, 2016 me: i hate country music “beyoncé will be performing at the cmas tonight” me: — Tré Melvin ? (@TreMelvin) November 2, 2016 Frequently, country crosses over. But every now & then a major pop superstar wants to be a part of this too. Welcome, Beyoncé.#cmaawards50 — Brad Paisley (@BradPaisley) November 2, 2016 Everyone seemed to LOVE the opening bit featuring nearly every country singer ever, especially Randy Travis’ emotional return to the stage since his stroke last year: Seriously, this opening is like… all of my dreams come true!!! This is how I grew up #ForeverCountry #CMAawards50 — Country Music Tattle (@cmtt) November 3, 2016 Just wow. @RandyTravis singing the end of his unforgettable “Forever And Ever, Amen.” #CMAawards50 #ForeverCountry — CMA Country Music (@CountryMusic) November 3, 2016 OH Gosh… the tears are about to happen…. #RandyTravis #CMAawards50 — Alabama (@alabamaradio) November 3, 2016 Best opening to any show – in the history of time – ever. Congratulations @CountryMusic on something that was “EPIC”. #CMA #CMAawards50 — BRETT KISSEL (@BrettKissel) November 3, 2016 People were happy classic country definitely made its return: Dear Brooks and Dunn, thank you for getting me though my childhood! #MyMaria always #CMAawards50 — Christina Ochoa (@ChristinaJOchoa) November 3, 2016 They sure are playin’ a lot of 90’s country tonight. ?#CMAawards50 #? — Kimberly Kelly (@KimberlyKelly) November 3, 2016 As promised today on the show, I mentioned Jason Aldean & B&D would perform together! Taking us back! #CMAawards50 — Michelle Rodriguez (@michrod) November 3, 2016 #CMAawards50 is showing the best of country before it was all bros and the wrong kind of tight jeans on men ?? — l•M•n ⚜ (@_MidwestMess) November 3, 2016 Watching the intro to #CMAawards50 it is nice to hear songs from when country was country! — Scott H. (@schuffman7) November 3, 2016 Mostly, a lot of people were just waiting for Beyoncé: About to snatch my edges tf out if I hear one more yodel that is NOT coming from @Beyonce’s throat! #CMAawards50 — Bey’s Bff ?✨ (@___Mochahontass) November 3, 2016 what time your wife performing at the #CMAawards50 tonight tho @S_C_ — everything i’m not (@No_Cut_Card) November 3, 2016 Waiting for Beyoncé like#CMAawards50 — Nerdy Wonka (@NerdyWonka) November 3, 2016 me waiting for Beyoncé to perform #CMAawards50 — bonafiedhoe (@pettyyonceh) November 3, 2016 Maren Morris was getting a lot of love after performing My Church and then taking home Best New Artist: I feel like that #MarenMorris performance absolved me of all my sins. #CMAawards50 — Damian Holbrook (@damianholbrook) November 3, 2016 How come I’m just now discovering this gem @MarenMorris Good luck tonight. Thank for being authentic ❤️ #imafan — LeAnn Rimes Cibrian (@leannrimes) November 2, 2016 Last year @MarenMorris watched the CMA’s from a bar across the street from the Grand Ole Opry today she is the New Artist of the year. — Kori (@K0RI_DAWN) November 3, 2016 I came for Beyoncé, but @MarenMorris just got herself a new fan! I hope you continue to flourish!! ??? — DeAndre (@dlrushing1) November 3, 2016 Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. Enough said. They can stop the show after Garth and Trisha.. ✋?#CMAawards50 — James David Carter (@JDCmusic) November 3, 2016 This Garth and Trisha performance is everything right now… a complete trip down my mama and daddy’s old playlist ? #CMAawards50 — Jasmine Sadry (@JasmineSadry) November 3, 2016 Garth singing Keith Whitley. Goosebumps. #CMAawards50 — Chase Rice (@ChaseRiceMusic) November 3, 2016 The kings of country Alan Jackson and George Strait: Alan Jackson with My Love George Strait? I die. #CMAawards50 — Carissa Culiner (@CarissaCuliner) November 3, 2016 Wow, @GeorgeStrait and Alan Jackson on stage at the same time… Perfection! #CMAawards50 — Country Words (@Country_Words) November 3, 2016 The obvious favorite moment of the night… BEY: So nice of Beyoncé to allow the Dixie Chicks to be within a two square smile radius of even her sweat — Broderick Greer (@BroderickGreer) November 3, 2016 omg beyonce performing with the dixie chicks omg this tewwww much!!! omggggg — katherine shelby (@katherineshelby) November 3, 2016 I am going to watch that Beyoncé-Dixie Chicks collab every day for the rest of my life. — Erin ? 6 days (@erinruberry) November 3, 2016 Bey: I will perform at the CMAS CMAS: Do you want cowboy boots Bey: I’m gonna wear Balmain CMAS: Bey: I’m gonna wear Balmain #CMAawards50 — Chandler (@ChndlrVlndr) November 3, 2016 Everybody loves Dolly Parton, of course — which is exactly why she was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award: Can this @DollyParton tribute last all night? #CMAawards50 — Cody Alan (@cmtcody) November 3, 2016 Dolly Parton is so important to this world. There will never be another like her. #CMAawards50 — S (@samanthagloria_) November 3, 2016 “I was gonna cry but I didn’t want to mess up my eyelashes” – @DollyParton ???? — CΔTRYNΔ (@CatrynaCraw) November 3, 2016 My biggest devastation of the night, cutting @DollyParton’s speech short. Everyone should be fired at the #CMAawards50. EVERYONE! — Darienne Lake (@dariennelake) November 3, 2016 The line of the night from Dolly Parton #CMAawards50 — Hawkeye KSCS DJ (@HawkeyeOnAir) November 3, 2016 And the final moment of the night… Taylor Swift’s appearance to announce the Entertainer of the Year award to Garth! When @taylorswift13 comes back to shut shit down ????? #CMAs50 #CMAS2016 #CMAS — Matthew Cancel . (@matthewcancel) November 3, 2016 TAYLOR SWIFT JUST SHOWED UP AT THE CMA AWARDS AND I JUST SHOWED UP TO MY GRAVE — Jessica Maree ♡ (@JessicaMDeLaRue) November 3, 2016 TBH: Taylor swift hasn’t contributed to country for the past few years…please leave. — Allison (@sheislove2) November 3, 2016 YES THAT IS RIGHT YOU BOW DOWN#CMAawards50 — Carly Heading (@carlyylalaa) November 3, 2016 And that’s all, folks! See y’all next time!