The USPS is using an outside PR firm to fight election fears and rhetoric from the White House before major hearings

It’s been a bad few weeks for Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, and it might just get worse before it gets better as efforts to convince Americans mail-in voting is safe may put him in direct conflict with President Donald Trump. CNN.com – RSS Channel – HP Hero

Timing of White House actions unrolling parts of ACA ‘couldn’t be worse,’ states say – Washington Post

Washington PostTiming of White House actions unrolling parts of ACA 'couldn't be worse,' states sayWashington PostAfter threatening for months to end billions of dollars in payments promised to health insurers, President Trump finally dropped the ax with timing that could inflict maximal disruption on the Affordable Care Act enrollment season scheduled to begin in …Five(…)

Trump’s ironic North Korea threat, Two key reasons many Trump threats have fallen flat, White House chief of staff’s Mexico comments: ‘fake news’?, Follow Australia and Indonesia to tackle modern slavery, Sanitized Caribbean cruises: At what cost?

A roundup of global commentary for the Oct. 2, 2017 weekly magazine. Christian Science Monitor | All Stories

Jim Carrey Claims Cathriona White Used Body Waxing To Frame Him For Herpes In New Lawsuit!

Jim Carrey is fighting back. Hard. In case you hadn’t heard, the Dumb & Dumber star is being sued by late ex-girlfriend Cathriona White’s mother, Brigid Sweetman, and widower, Mark Burton. In their wrongful death suit, they claim Carrey gave White multiple STDs and broke up with her, causing her to commit suicide. Video: Jim(…)

White House expands travel ban, restricting visitors from eight countries – Washington Post

Washington PostWhite House expands travel ban, restricting visitors from eight countriesWashington PostThe Trump administration announced new restrictions Sunday on visitors from eight countries — an expansion of the preexisting travel ban that has spurred fierce legal debates over security, immigration and discrimination. In announcing the new rules, …Trump Administration Revises Travel Ban To Expand Beyond Muslim-Majority(…)