Jena Griswold has filed a lawsuit over pre-election mailers that includes information she says misleads the state’s voters

Colorado’s secretary of state filed a lawsuit on Saturday against the US Postal Service, embattled Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and other USPS officials over a pre-election mailer that includes information she says will mislead voters in the state. – RSS Channel – HP Hero

If the protests in the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake are not viewed as peaceful, they could cost Biden support in key swing states

Former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump and President Donald Trump both recognize the potential political fallouts if protests in the wake of the Jacob Blake shooting are seen as peaceful or as violent. Biden benefits if they are seen as the former, while Trump is helped if they are seen as the(…)

Postal service warning states it may not be able to deliver ballots in time based on current election rules

The US Postal Service is warning states that voters risk not getting their ballots back to election offices in time because of lags in mail delivery, according to letters reviewed by CNN, adding a new level of uncertainty to the coming presidential election and leaving states to ascertain how to adjust. – RSS Channel

Timing of White House actions unrolling parts of ACA ‘couldn’t be worse,’ states say – Washington Post

Washington PostTiming of White House actions unrolling parts of ACA 'couldn't be worse,' states sayWashington PostAfter threatening for months to end billions of dollars in payments promised to health insurers, President Trump finally dropped the ax with timing that could inflict maximal disruption on the Affordable Care Act enrollment season scheduled to begin in …Five(…)

States With Confederate Monuments on Public Property

Some say it was the taking down of the Robert E. Lee monument that caused the torch-wielding Nazi/white supremacists to rage. Others are confident that it had nothing to do with the statue, and everything to do with racist and anti-Semitic rage of monumental proportions that inspired the Nazis/white supremacists/white nationals to storm Charlottesville, Virginia.(…)

President Trump’s Popularity Took a Dive In These 3 Key Swing States

Amid a tumultuous week across America, President Donald Trump saw low approval ratings in three key swing states that helped catapult him to victory last November. According to a new NBC News/Marist poll released Monday, Trump has an approval rating of under 40% in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, three states that turned red in the(…)

Some stunned by Gulf states’ demand for Al Jazeera shut down, Jamaica says no to the Gulf’s ‘bullying’ of Qatar, Why Macron’s stance on Syria is wrong, Why Theresa May’s new coalition could cost her, As war with Islamic State ends, Syria could heat up

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