Kit Harington’s New Fragrance Doesn’t Smell Like Jon Snow, Thankfully — All the Details!

Winter is coming … and so is a new fragrance ad fronted by Kit Harington. The 30-year old English actor (full name Christopher Catesby Harington — how posh!) was just announced as the new face of Italian fashion brand Dolce&Gabbana's The One for Men scent.This article originally appeared on Kit Harington’s New Fragrance Doesn’t(…)

The smell of new curtains

​ It came from the right side like God, or a deer, a Migraine warning; Chemotherapy strikes at any time. Where am I going wrong? Under community skies and red roofed buildings, immaculate And unfinished, Holding on for next week’s rent, Even if you were alive, I’d not have listened, Missing a father to say(…)