Five-time Super Bowl champ and friend of the President says he supports the right of NFL players to protest

New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady said he believes President Donald Trump’s comments about NFL players are “divisive” and on Monday said he supports those NFL players who are protesting during the national anthem. CNN.com – RSS Channel – HP Hero

Taylor Swift Sends Flowers to ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Cowriters Right Said Fred

Taylor Swift sent a bouquet of flowers to Right Said Fred members Richard and Fred Fairbrass to thank them for cowriting her new single, "Look What YouThis article originally appeared on www.usmagazine.com: Taylor Swift Sends Flowers to ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ Cowriters Right Said Fred Us Weekly Latest Celebrity News

India’s Supreme Court Rules That Privacy is a Fundamental Right of Every Citizen

(NEW DELHI) — India’s top court ruled Thursday that privacy is a fundamental right of every citizen in a landmark judgment that could affect the country’s mammoth, unique identity card system. The verdict was in response to many petitions filed in courts questioning the validity of assigning a biometric identity card to every individual. The(…)

Trump Is Losing CEOs Left & Right! See Under Armour Founder’s Statement On Leaving The Manufacturing Council!

Donald Trump finally went too far — by not going far enough. When the “President” failed to rebuke white supremacists for two whole days (he still hasn’t called the vehicular attack an act of terrorism), he now has less support than ever before. Video: Trump Gets Called Out For Spreading Fake News After Childishly Bashing(…)

Aaron Carter Apparently Broke Up With His Girlfriend Right Before Coming Out As Bisexual

When Aaron Carter came out as bisexual over the weekend, it was apparently just days — at most — after breaking up with his girlfriend, Madison Parker. The two had been spotted together as recently as a few days ago — the were driving around El Lay together on Tuesday after his surgery — but(…)

Orphaned Kittens Are Cared For By Nanny RATS At A New York Rescue — Yes, You Read That Right!

Rats and cats are usually sworn enemies, but not at the Brooklyn Cat Cafe! In fact, the tiny baby kittens are being looked after by the adorable rodents at this New York City rescue. Not only do they provide companionship, but they’re also available to give the little ones bathings! Related: This Adorable Pup Has(…)