Louisville protesters defy curfew in third night of Breonna Taylor demonstrations

In Louisville, hundreds of people protested for a third straight night demanding justice for Breonna Taylor. Police fired flash bangs to break up crowds on Friday evening. Several protesters were arrested for being out past the city’s 9 p.m. curfew as other protests broke out nationwide. Adriana Diaz speaks to some of the demonstrators, young(…)

Senator Bill Cassidy Filmed YAWNING As Disabled Protesters Are Forcibly Removed From Hearing On GOP ‘Health Care’ Bill!

Calling Lindsay Graham and Bill Cassidy’s effort a “health care bill” is like referring to that dentist who shot Cecil the Lion as an “animal rights activist.” Sure, he was “active” in the realm of “animal rights” but mostly in removing all of them through murder. So it’s really a misnomer. Video: Jimmy Kimmel SOUNDS(…)

Milo Yiannopoulos Finally Spoke at Berkeley. But the Protesters Were Louder

For months, the University of California, Berkeley, had prepared for a slate of conservative speakers to arrive on campus for “Free Speech Week.” The school was ready to spend more than a million dollars on security amid concerns that protesters from both left and right would show up and become violent during the four-day event(…)

Protesters Flood Streets, and Trump Offers a Measure of Praise – New York Times

New York TimesProtesters Flood Streets, and Trump Offers a Measure of PraiseNew York TimesDemonstrators poured into the nation's streets and parks over the weekend to denounce white supremacy and Nazism, one week after clashes between far-right demonstrators and counterprotesters in Charlottesville, Va., turned deadly. By DAPHNE …Boston 'free speech' rally overwhelmed by counter-protestersPoliticoCounterprotesters dwarf controversial rally(…)