Auburn Drive-In Weekend Concert Aims To Give People Live Music At A Distance

AUBURN (CBS13) – More than a hundred people gathered at the Gold Country Fairgrounds on Saturday as part of a three-day drive-in weekend concert. The event’s goal doubled as a way to enjoy music amid the COVID-19 pandemic while raising money for the local fair. The sounds heard on Saturday night are ones many people(…)

Why So Many People Believe Conspiracy Theories

William of Occam would have hated conspiracy theories. A 14th-century philosopher and Franciscan friar, William is celebrated for developing the “law of parsimony,” better known today as “Occam’s razor.” According to the razor principle, the simplest explanation for an event is almost always the best; shave away any extraneous assumptions, and what you’ve got left(…)

The Las Vegas shooter kept a low profile. People who knew him were unaware of his gun collection

He seemed so ordinary, just another house-hunting retiree, when he strolled with his girlfriend into the sales office of the Sun City development in late 2014. The agents had just what Stephen Craig Paddock was looking for — a 2000-square-foot, two-bedroom stucco rambler on a cul-de-sac. – RSS Channel – HP Hero

Las Vegas Concertgoer Says Woman Told People ‘We’re All Going To Die Tonight’ Before Mass Shooting

This is seriously so disturbing, if true. According to one concertgoer’s account, an unidentified woman pushed her way through the crowd at the Route 91 Harvest Festival on Sunday night and told people they were all going to die about 45 minutes before the mass shooting. Per the latest count, 58 people were killed and(…)

More Than 60,000 People Are Still Living in Hotels 1 Month After Hurricane Harvey

(HOUSTON) — It has been a month since Hurricane Harvey brought devastating wind and flooding to the Texas coast and Houston area, and while the water has receded and businesses have reopened, huge debris piles in front of thousands of homes serve as a constant reminder that there’s still a long way to go in(…)

A Russian ‘Cannibal Couple’ May Have Eaten up to 30 People, Investigators Say

Police in southwestern Russia have arrested a couple accused of sedating, skinning alive and eating parts of as many as 30 people, while preserving their remains in saline. The Washington Post reports that the pair may have also tried to slip “canned human meat” into the food they prepared at their workplace — a military(…)

Rain Brown: See the Alaskan Bush People Star’s Selfies That Get So Much Hate!

Alaskan Bush People has captivated viewers and fans for years and years. For the youngest member of the Brown family, Rain, the series has gone on for half of her life. Despite her youth, though, Rain or "Rainy's" social media presence is quickly working to make her among the most recognizable members of the Brown(…)

Puppies Might Be Giving People Diarrhea & It’s Absolutely Devastating!

Are pooches causing you to poop? On Monday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced it is one of several organizations investigating a multistate outbreak of Campylobacter bacteria possibly due to puppies sold through Petland stores. Related: We Are Not Worthy Of This Adorable Doggo’s Maternity Shoot! The bacteria can spread through contact with(…)