Mike Pence and Kamala Harris face off in first and only vice presidential debate

Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris squared off in the first and only vice presidential debate Wednesday in Salt Lake City, Utah. The two sparred over a number of issues including the coronavirus pandemic, health care, the vacancy in the Supreme Court, and climate change. CBSN political reporter Caitlin Huey Burns, CBS News(…)

Eminem’s Anti-Trump Rap Video Is the Only Awkward Pause Meme the Internet Ever Needs

Eminem’s Anti-Trump Rap Video Is the Only Awkward Pause Meme the Internet Ever Needs

Eminem’s anti-Trump rap music video is enjoying a second life as a funny meme. Last week, the rapper unleashed a fiery verse that became an instant hit at the BET Hip-Hop Awards earning high praise, staunch criticism and a response from Saturday Night Live’s President Trump character. In the politically charged diss, he hammers Trump(…)

Blake Lively Talks To GMA About Standing By Harvey Weinstein’s Alleged Victims Despite Only Having ‘Positive’ Experiences With Him

Blake Lively was never harassed by Harvey Weinstein, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t support the Hollywood heavyweight’s alleged victims. On Monday, the Gossip Girl alum stopped by Good Morning America to promote her new movie, All I See Is You. As Lively has known Weinstein for some time, the GMA hosts asked her to(…)

The Boston ‘Free Speech’ Rally Ended Early When Only 20 White Nationalists Showed Up! LOLz!

Haha!!! White supremacists again prove themselves to be the most ridiculous group of losers in the country, and on the day of their HUGE ‘free speech’ rally planned for Boston… only about 20 of them actually bothered to show up. Oops!! As you can see above, all those crazy right-wingers are out here looking like(…)

Tamra Judge’s Strained Relationship With Her Daughter Isn’t The Only Evidence Of Dysfunctional Families In Hollywood!

Tamra Judge isn’t the only celeb with an estranged family member! We are still shook over the Real Housewives star’s daughter Sidney Barney’s explosive rant about her famous momma to Facebook on Monday… but it made us wonder — which other celebs aren’t on good terms with their kin? See what we dug up (below)!!(…)