‘King Of Instagram’ Douche Dan Bilzerian Ran, Filmed Himself, & Pestered Cops For A Gun During Las Vegas Shooting

If you’re not familiar with Instagram star Dan Bilzerian, frankly you’re probably better off. The self-proclaimed King Of Instagram is a rich d-bag who posts primarily about his leisurely party lifestyle jetting around tropical islands surrounded by women in bikinis. Basically, he feeds off envy. Think Scott Disick without the charm. He’s also a gun(…)

Your Guide to the Instagram Brands Celebrities Love to Wear

The it-girl mafia (Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez etc.) is obsessed with Instagram — not only do they document their lives on their accounts, but they also scoop up clothing and accessory brands that have become famous on social media. From those retro sunnies to the tie-front handkerchief blouses that ev-ery-one has been wearing(…)

Ariel Winter Goes OFF on Instagram: I Don’t Show My Ass on Purpose!

By now, you’re probably aware that Ariel Winter’s Instagram is more popular within the key demographic than her lumbering dinosaur of a sitcom. The actress’ racy selfies have made her a favorite on social media and in the tabloids, but there are downsides to being popular in those crowds. Ever post something, feel a little(…)

Audrey Roloff: Are She and the Baby Okay? Jeremy Roloff Deleting an Instagram Post has Fans Worried!

Audrey Roloff was due last week. It’s not uncommon for pregnancies to last beyond due dates, even by a couple of weeks, but it has some fans on edge. In fact, attentive fans of Audrey and Jeremy started to wonder on Monday if Audrey Roloff had gone into labor. That looks like it was a(…)

Gigi Hadid Sued By Photographer For Allegedly Stealing His Photo For Instagram

Gigi Hadid is in some hot water! The 22-year-old supermodel, real name Jelena Noura, is under fire for allegedly using a photographer’s photo for her Instagram. In the pic in question posted on July 12, 2016, G is seen out and about in NYC with curlers in hair and wearing an Adidas jacket, but with(…)

Justin Bieber: Stolen Nude Photos Appear on Selena Gomez’s Instagram Page

Every time a new round of explicit photos stolen from a celebrity’s private collection goes public, there’s a renewed outcry to tighten security and ramp up enforcement of existing laws. Unfortunately, most of the time, the perpetrators go unpunished, and it’s typically not long before a new round of celebrity nudes goes public. The latest(…)