Complications from diabetes linked to worse memory, IQ in children

A new study uncovered that even one severe episode of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) in children newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes is linked to cognitive problems; and among children with a previous diagnosis, repeated DKA exposure predicted lower cognitive performance after accounting for glycemic control. Latest Science News — ScienceDaily

Two members of the 417 Second Amendment Militia group from Missouri face charges of illegally possessing a cache of weapons

Two members of the 417 Second Amendment Militia group from Missouri traveling to Kenosha, Wisconsin, were arrested Thursday by federal officials and charged with illegally possessing a cache of weapons. – RSS Channel – HP Hero

Maryanne Trump Barry’s comments on her brother appeared to confirm some allegations from her niece Mary Trump’s book, according to audio excerpts

Maryanne Trump Barry called her brother President Donald Trump “cruel” and appeared to confirm her niece Mary Trump’s previous allegations that he had a friend take his SATs to get into college, according to transcripts and audio excerpts obtained exclusively by the Washington Post. – RSS Channel – HP Hero

The USPS is using an outside PR firm to fight election fears and rhetoric from the White House before major hearings

It’s been a bad few weeks for Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, and it might just get worse before it gets better as efforts to convince Americans mail-in voting is safe may put him in direct conflict with President Donald Trump. – RSS Channel – HP Hero