Mayim Bialik Angers Most of Free World with Op-Ed on Rape and Feminism

Mayim Bialik has stirred up some MAJOR controversy via an op-ed she wrote this weekend for The New York Times. The inspiration behind it? Numerous allegations of rape and sexual misconduct against Harvey Weinstein. Bialik’s apparent stance on this topic? It’s largely the fault of victims in these situations because they care too much about(…)

A Right-Wing ‘Free Speech’ Rally Planned for San Francisco Has Been Cancelled

A “free speech” rally planned for San Francisco’s Crissy Field this weekend has been cancelled, the organizers said in a Facebook Live post on Friday. The event was planned for Saturday by a right-wing group known as Patriot Prayer. Joey Gibson, the 33-year-old founder of the Portland, Ore.-based group, said that after consulting with law(…)

Donald Trump Had The Most Bi-Polar Reaction To Boston’s Failed Free Speech Rally Today!

Oh, Donald Trump… Our nation’s President couldn’t decide how to respond to Boston’s failed ‘Free Speech’ rally on Saturday afternoon, first going after “anti-police agitators” before coming around and saying something far more responsible after having an hour or two to think about it. Related: Al Franken Breaks Down Trump’s Awful August Here’s what The(…)

The Boston ‘Free Speech’ Rally Ended Early When Only 20 White Nationalists Showed Up! LOLz!

Haha!!! White supremacists again prove themselves to be the most ridiculous group of losers in the country, and on the day of their HUGE ‘free speech’ rally planned for Boston… only about 20 of them actually bothered to show up. Oops!! As you can see above, all those crazy right-wingers are out here looking like(…)

UPDATES: I’m Hosting More Speaking Events and a Newer Guide to Free Flights

Hello everyone! Happy Thursday! I’m currently leading a tour around Austin (if you’re in town, come to the BBQ tomorrow) but here’s just a quick update today, as I have two big announcements: First, the Nomadic Network tour is back! A few months ago we started doing a “beta” test of community meetups in preparation(…)

DeMario Jackson Responds to Bachelor in Paradise Allegations: The Footage Will Set Me Free!

Two weeks ago, DeMario Jackson got eliminated from The Bachelorette after Rachel Lindsay learned he had a girlfriend. It seemed like a big scandal at the time. Then, DeMario flew down to Mexico and started filming scenes for Bachelor in Paradise Season 4… … and ended up at the center of a far bigger controversy.(…)