Tyga Shows Off His Expensive Fish Tank On TV Amid Money Problems Because He Seems Like A Bona Fide Idiot

Can we just go ahead and say that Tyga doesn’t seem like the brightest crayon in the box? It just needs to be said at this point. On tonight’s episode of Tanked, Tyga enlists the help of Aquarium Kings Wayde King and Brett Raymer to design an epic house for his fish… because that’s what(…)

Hungover Customer Posts Viral Review of Struggling Fish and Chips Shop, Business Booms

The power of social media! A hungover customer in Alberta, Canada, posted a kind review of a struggling fish and chips shop, Whitbie’s Fish & Chips, on Sunday, August 21, that has since gone viral.In it, Colin Ross, 31, explained that he had stumbled upon the deserted spot in Lethbridge, Canada, when he was looking(…)