Dotard Donald Trump Is Picking Twitter Fights With Late-Night TV Hosts — As He AGAIN Threatens Nuclear War

How about… do your job in the White House, Mr. President?! The President, Donald Trump, has bravely taken it upon himself today to fight with late night TV hosts on Twitter instead of, you know, actually being the leader of the free world! Related: Trump Can’t Even Pronounce ‘Puerto Rico’ Here’s an actual tweet The(…)

Madagascar fights the subtler side of hunger: chronic malnutrition

Droughts and famines tend to afflict countries in cyclical fashion. But where chronic malnutrition is endemic, such as in Madagascar, they strike harder. Health education is a start, aid groups say – but adjusting priorities is important, too. Part 3 of our series on famine resilience. Christian Science Monitor | All Stories

Maria Menounos: Diagnosed With Brain Tumor as Mom Fights Brain Cancer

Maria Menounos is on the road to recovery after having surgery to remove a golf-ball-size meningioma brain tumor. The 39-year-old underwent the surgery while her mother, Litsa Menounos, battled stage 4 brain cancer. The E! News coanchor confirmed the news to People Magazine. “This February I thought I had an ear infection, so I went(…)

Alec Baldwin Defends Kathy Griffin: ‘Trump Is Such A Senile Idiot, All He Has Is Twitter Fights’

It’s been a tough week for Kathy Griffin, what with her posing for photos with a fake, bloodied, severed head that resembled President Donald Trump, but there are people in her corner. Chief among them is Alec Baldwin, who went on a Twitter stream late last night to defend Kathy from the barrage of attacks(…)

Rob Kardashian Has Been ‘The Instigator’ In Fights With Blac Chyna: ‘It’s Like He Just Can’t Help Himself’

Even though Rob Kardashian may well be playing up his lost love on Instagram right now, the KUWTK star isn’t coming off so well according to a damning report from a source close to the couple. A source spoke to People about the ongoing drama between the 29-year-old and Blac Chyna, the mother to his(…)

Maureen McCormick Fights Back Tears Remembering Her ‘Brady Bunch’ Mom Florence Henderson Days After Her Shocking Death

Brady Brunch alum Maureen McCormick couldn’t believe it when she heard that her TV mom, Florence Henderson, had passed away on Thursday, November 24. In an emotional new interview with Entertainment Tonight set to air on Monday, November 28,This article originally appeared on Maureen McCormick Fights Back Tears Remembering Her ‘Brady Bunch’ Mom Florence(…)

Katy Perry Fights Donald Trump with $10,000 Donation to Planned Parenthood

Katy Perry loves Hillary Clinton. Like really, honestly, sincerely loves her. She was probably Hillary’s biggest supporter during her presidential campaign: she spoke and performed at the Democratic National Convention, she constantly urged her fans to support her. And who could forget Katy’s incredible Halloween costume? Katy loves Hillary so much that she even got(…)