Will North Korea bring the US and ASEAN together?, Chibok girls freed but concerns remain, What did Erdoğan get out of talks with Putin?, Venezuelan opposition should seek common ground with Chávist loyalists, A bipartisan case for Comey’s dismissal

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LGBT Superheroes Are Becoming WAY More Common In Comic Books! Meet Some Of The Coolest HERE!

Just a few weeks ago, Marvel Comics premiered America, the company’s first solo title led by a lesbian, a super strong Latina named America Chavez. This is a huge deal, but it turns out comic books in general have become much more progressive lately — introducing many new LGBT characters who have quickly become fan(…)

Hillary Clinton, in first formal talk since conceding: ‘There is common ground to build upon’ – Washington Post

Washington PostHillary Clinton, in first formal talk since conceding: 'There is common ground to build upon'Washington PostHillary Clinton, in her first formal appearance since conceding the presidential election, acknowledged Wednesday that the experience has been terribly painful but urged a gathering of child advocates to persevere with their work and press “the values …Donald Trump(…)

Pilot Begs For ‘Common Decency’ After Post-Election Fight Breaks Out At 35,000 Feet! Watch Video Of The Whole Thing HERE!

Tensions are still VERY high after the election! On a flight this week — reportedly on a United Airlines ride from San Francisco to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico — two passengers got into some kind of altercation over politics and had to be separated and reprimanded by the plane’s captain!! Related: Trump Is ALREADY Walking Back(…)