You Can Get High From Snorting Chocolate Powder Now! (But You Really Shouldn’t!)

Being a chocoholic may soon be a much more serious affliction… Because now you can skip that lame old mouth and just snort the chocolate right up your nose into your bloodstream! The company Legal Lean has taken the European club trend of snorting cocoa powder and pushed it further with Coco Loko. The chocolate(…)

MILLIONS Of Americans Think Chocolate Milk Comes From Brown Cows!

So does this mean milkshakes comes from cows during winter?? In April, the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy conducted a survey where they quizzed over 1000 adults about dairy products and their origins. According to the data, a staggering 48% of respondents didn’t know where chocolate milk comes from. In case you’re still stumped, it’s(…)

White Chocolate M&Ms Are Here to Stay, Will Hit Stores in May 2017

Sweet music to our ears! White chocolate M&Ms will no longer just be a seasonal treat for candy lovers, according to a recent statement the Mars Chocolate company released about the colorful sweets.“M&M’s White Chocolate will hit shelves at select food, mass, convenience and drug stores nationwide starting in May 2017 inThis article originally appeared(…)

Chris Martin Hosted a Star-Studded ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’-Themed 40th Birthday Party: See All the Guests!

Growing old doesn’t mean growing up! Chris Martin hosted a star-studded Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-themed 40th birthday party at his Malibu home on Friday, March 3, and the Coldplay frontman didn’t skimp on the details.Martin, who turnedThis article originally appeared on Chris Martin Hosted a Star-Studded ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’-Themed 40th Birthday(…)

This Is Not a Drill: Too Faced Is Dropping Two Chocolate Chip Eyeshadow Palettes on Black Friday

We want a bite! The rumor of a Chocolate Chip makeup palette by Too Faced has been swirling around for nearly half a year, but at long last, we have some delicious — and official — news. Not only did cofounder Jerrod Blandino announce the mini's release date — Friday, November 25, aka Black Friday(…)

People Are Snorting Chocolate

People Are Snorting Chocolate

Cocaine and other illicit substances have long-fueled the European nightlife scene, but now, thanks to a handful of events throughout the region, club kids are beginning to give the term “nose candy” a more literal meaning. There are certain images that come to mind when you hear a sentence that includes the words “powder” and(…)

Starbucks Introduces THREE New Valentine’s Day Beverages! Say ‘Be Mine’ To Molten Chocolate…

If you don’t have a significant other to celebrate Valentine’s day with this year, it’s all good — because Starbucks will still serve you up some unconditional love! And by that, we mean serve limited edition Molten Chocolate beverages from its menu! Capitalizing on the perfect time of year for customers to eat (or drink)(…)