Regional development: Why places matter for better policies

OECD countries are at a critical juncture, as they face deep and often widening inequalities between people and places. Responding to the concerns of communities that feel left behind is a political priority. Policymakers need to focus their efforts more sharply on the places where people live ensuring a more even distribution of services and(…)

To get a better picture of the President’s chances to be reelected, it’s not just about his poll numbers compared to Biden

It’s often been said that President Donald Trump is “underperforming the fundamentals”. Some believe Trump’s doing worse than the average Republican president would be doing in the polls under similar circumstances. It’s difficult to prove that, however. – RSS Channel – HP Hero

There Are Better Ways to Mourn

On a crisp fall day in Vienna, Austria, I received a private tour of the crypt below Michaelerkirche (St. Michael’s Church). Bernard, the young Austrian man who led me down the steep stone staircase, had perfect English delivered in an inexplicably deep Southern accent. “Aye’ve been told my ax-sent is straynge be-fore,” he drawled, like(…)

Better way to measure blood pressure

Automatic blood pressure devices are often used to assess blood pressure levels at home and in the clinic. But these devices are prone to significant errors, sometimes leading to the prescription of blood pressure-lowering medications to patients who don’t actually need them. Researchers have now developed a method to more accurately measure systolic blood pressure.(…)

SEBI calls on exchanges, clearing corps to better deal with tech glitches

MUMBAI (Reuters) – Market regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) admonished stock exchanges, clearing corporations and depositories on Friday to have procedures in place to deal with technological disruptions or cyber attacks, and to quickly share any information when such instances occur. Reuters: Money News

Andy Serkis Reads Donald Trump’s Tweets As Gollum — So Much Better! WATCH!

Question: How can you make Donald Trump’s tweets even more of a joke? Answer: Have Andy Serkis read them as his famous character, Gollum! Stephen Colbert clearly has it all figured out! Watch the HIGHlarious impression at the 3:47 mark in the video (below)! [Image via CBS/Ben Kriemann/Future Image/WENN.] PerezHilton

‘I’m Even Better Than Elizabeth Taylor’: Meet Chinese Actress Liu Xiaoqing

“I said to President Obama, ‘I’m the best ever actress in the East — even better than Elizabeth Taylor,’” Liu Xiaoqing says matter of factly. “He just replied, ‘yes, yes, indeed.’” In the pantheon of great Chinese actresses, few names come as revered as Liu. The star of more than 60 films and TV shows,(…)