Derick Dillard: Breaking the Duggars’ Rules, Partying Behind Jill’s Back (Report)

Over the past few weeks, Derick Dillard has set himself apart as something of an unexpected rebel within the Duggar family. Now, we should note that we mean Derick’s behavior is rebellious only by Duggar standards, which means he adheres to Jim Bob’s strict fundamentalist views, he just occasionally expresses them in unorthodox ways. Most(…)

3-Year-Old Boy Left Behind in a Utah Corn Maze, Mom Realizes the Next Day

A 3-year-old boy from Utah was left behind in a corn maze on Monday, October 9, and his mother is claiming it was an accident. The child was discovered by a Crazy Corn Maze employee at around 7:30 that evening. According to local news station This article originally appeared on 3-Year-Old Boy Left Behind(…)

Behind Tesla’s Production Delays: Parts of Model 3 Were Made by Hand

Tesla blamed “production bottlenecks” for making only a fraction of the promised 1,500 Model 3s. Unknown to analysts, investors and the hundreds of thousands of customers who signed up to buy it, as recently as early September major portions of the Model 3 were still being banged out by hand. What’s News US

Jennifer Beals: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me (I Can’t Put on Mascara Without One Hand Behind My Back)

Jennifer Beals, who stars as Margo Taft in Amazon’s nine-episode adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Last Tycoon, tackles Us Weekly's request for 25 things you don't know about her. Catch her in The Last Tycoon, debuting Friday, July 28 exclusively on Prime Video. 1. I love puzzles. When I was shooting The Book of(…)