Australian Police Carry Out Raids Across Sydney After Foiling Aircraft Attack

Australian authorities have raided at least five locations across Sydney Monday after police foiled an attempted attack on a passenger jet, arresting four people suspected of planning to carry out a complex terror plot involving homemade devices. Officers in protective gear were seen rummaging through bags of garbage and bringing items out of at least(…)

Arrests Made as Thousands Rally Across the U.S. Against Trump

(SEATTLE) — Tens of thousands across the country peacefully chanted, picketed and protested Monday against President Donald Trump’s immigration and labor policies on May Day, despite a small pocket of violent unrest in the Pacific Northwest. Peaceful protesters flocked to the streets in Chicago. At the White House gates, they demanded “Donald Trump has got(…)

Donald Trump Watches ‘Finding Dory’ as Second Day of Muslim Ban Protests Spread Across U.S.

Just keep swimming protesting. As thousands of protesters gathered across the United States on Sunday, January 29, for the second day in a row in opposition to President Donald Trump's Muslim and refugee ban, the businessman held a Finding Dory movie screening at the WhiteThis article originally appeared on Donald Trump Watches ‘Finding Dory’(…)