Donald Trump — Comparing His Election to 9/11 is Disgusting Ignorance … Victims’ Families Lash Out (VIDEO + PHOTO)

People who lost loved ones in the 9/11 attacks are outraged Donald Trump’s detractors have dared to compare the day after his election to the worst act of terrorism on U.S. soil. Carmen Suarez and her daughter, Jillian, couldn’t believe what… TMZ.com

President Barack Obama Honors ‘3,000 Beautiful Lives’ Lost 15 Years Ago on 9/11 in Heartfelt Speech

President Barack Obama delivered a heartfelt and emotional speech outside the Pentagon on Sunday, September 11, in honor of the thousands of lives lost in the 9/11 attacks in 2001.Addressing those who lost loved ones 15 years ago in a 10-minute oration, Obama said, "It is a great honor, once again, to be with yoThis(…)

Watch Live: 9/11 Memorial Ceremony

Sunday marks the 15th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks that left nearly 3,000 people dead. People around the world mark the day in different ways, with President Obama speaking at a Pentagon ceremony and Vice President Joe Biden participating in a tribute before a football game in Philadelphia. The commemoration ceremony at(…)

Dave Chappelle Calls Prince’s Death the ‘Black 9/11’ During Four-Hour Tribute Show

One last laugh. Dave Chappelle paid tribute to late music legend Prince in a four-hour set at the Chapel in San Francisco in the early hours of Friday, April 22.According to the <a href=…This article originally appeared on www.usmagazine.com: Dave Chappelle Calls Prince’s Death the ‘Black 9/11’ During Four-Hour Tribute Show Us Weekly Latest Celebrity(…)

Donald Trump Refers to 9/11 as 7-Eleven During Speech in New York — Watch the Cringeworthy Moment

Yikes. Donald Trump just mixed up 9/11 with 7-Eleven, aka the chain of convenience stores responsible for Slurpees and Big Gulps. The GOP frontrunner was giving a speech in Buffalo, New York, on Monday, April 18, when he misspoke. "I wrote this out, and it's very close to my heart," …This article originally appeared on(…)

Spencer Pratt Apologizes For His Insensitive 9/11 Comments: ‘I Know I Need To Check Myself On This One’

At least he owned up to it! Spencer Pratt made waves this morning after comparing the cancellation of his reality show The Hills to the September 11 terror attacks… and as you can expect, that didn’t go over so well. Related: Heidi’s Dad In Trouble For Sexual Abuse On A Minor?! Now, he’s apologizing for(…)