MILLIONS Of Americans Think Chocolate Milk Comes From Brown Cows!

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So does this mean milkshakes comes from cows during winter?? In April, the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy conducted a survey where they quizzed over 1000 adults about dairy products and their origins. According to the data, a staggering 48% of respondents didn’t know where chocolate milk comes from. In case you’re still stumped, it’s milk mixed with cocoa and sugar. Related: Unsuspecting Mom Doesn’t Understand What A ‘Furry’ Convention Is However, what’s even more tragic is that 7% of participants actually thought chocolate milk comes from brown cows! We kid you not! That’s over 16 MILLION people btw. Before you begin pointing and laughing, this study brings up the larger issue of agriculturally literacy, aka knowing the true source of our food. According to Cecily Upton, co-founder of non-profit organization FoodCorps: “At the end of the day, it’s an exposure issue… Right now, we’re conditioned to think that if you need food, you go to the store. Nothing in our educational framework teaches kids where food comes from before that point.” It’s no use crying over spilled milk, chocolate or not! [Image via WENN.] PerezHilton