Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 1 Recap: All the Way Up

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If you watch Love & Hip Hop online, you know that it’s about family, friends, fighting and fame more than it’s ever been about the music. The seventh season premiere was certainly no exception. On Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 1, Remy Ma sought to find common ground with Papoose, while Cardi B struggled with the reality of fame. Meanwhile, Yandy faced the struggle of keeping the family together in Mendeecees’ absence, with an unexpected figure shaking things up. We picked up with Cardi B, who was back in New York, still reeling from her fame. Cardi revealed that she had reunited with her sister, Hennessy and she confided in her about missing her home. Her boyfriend wanted her to settle down, but Cardi B seemed to think she was not cut out for that part of her life just yet. Cardi seemed way more concerned with partying and that’s sort of what happens when the fame goes to your head. Elsewhere, Yandy Smith-Harris was struggling with Mendecees being away in jail and revealed to the camera that Mendecees wanted the family to stay together while he was away. When Yandy reached out to Samantha, it quickly turned into a screaming match as the pair started hurling abuse at each other when Samantha claimed she wanted to clear the air with Yandy. However, Samantha called Yandy stupid and that was that. It’s great when people can work things out. Right? Elsewhere, we got caught up with returning cast member Kimbella Vanderhee, who was now in a relationship with Julez Santana and we got the reveal that they had two kids together. The pair quickly began bickering when Julez revealed he wanted to return to making hit records, while Kimbella was evidently worried at the prospect of women being near him. Jules also spoke about him wanting Kimbella to patch things up with Yandy, but Kimbella did not give a damn. After he wouldn’t stop asking about it, she agreed that she would think about talking to her former friend. Later, Yandy was working in the studio with Bianca on her album cover. Julez appeared and made it clear he wanted Yandy and Kimbella to get it together. View Slideshow: 13 Craziest Reality TV Moments EVER Yandy couldn’t give a damn, either, but she started to come round when Julez persisted. Kimbella then visited Yandy in her office and after some tense insults, the two women hugged it out and became friends again. All is right in the world! Other developments: Snoop was ecstatic that Jade had uprooted her life to be with her and made it clear it would be worthwhile, but drama was not far from them. When they were eating dinner, girls appeared to get a picture with Snoop, but Jade snapped and said she was tired of living in Snoop’s shadow. Remy performed at MetLife Stadium and Papoose could not have been more excited for her. The performance went without a hitch and the got talking about the future. Cardi B was getting a little flirty with her producer, and Bianca took notice of it. What did you think of the episode? Sound off below! Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Trailer: Welcome, Snoop!
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