LeAnn Rimes: Brandi Glanville is Just a Hater!

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If you keep up with the feud between Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes, then bless your heart, you sure must have a lot of patience. You’ve also probably been keeping a close eye on the latest development in that feud: the serious accusations of LeAnn stalking Brandi. The whole thing started when Brandi’s boyfriend mentioned on Snapchat that he and Brandi would be going to a specific restaurant last month. They went, and then LeAnn showed up, along with Eddie Cibrian and the two sons Eddie and Brandi share. Brandi said that LeAnn had viewed her boyfriend’s Snapchat and followed them there, and that it’s just the latest attempt by LeAnn to steal Brandi’s entire life. Eddie made a few statements denying the story, saying that they’d made reservations for the restaurant days before and Brandi is just lying to make LeAnn look bad. Brandi insisted that she was telling the truth, and that LeAnn is obsessed with her. But through all the back-and-forth between Brandi and Eddie this week, LeAnn has been completely silent. Until now, that is. There’s a new blog post up on LeAnn’s website called “Hate the Hate, LovE the Hater,” and it’s … well, it sure is something. “I have been posting the question to myself and to others, ‘How far does your LovE extend?'”, she begins. We don’t know why she insists on typing out “love” in such a ridiculous way, but she does it throughout the post, so obviously it means something to her. “Extending LovE,” LeAnn writes, “to those who have hurt us is what we are called to do. It’s the grace that leads us home. It’s an everyday practice of showing up for LovE and living in LovE.” “By extending LovE to those who have hurt us, it doesn’t mean we bypass the anger or suppress our feelings. We actually allow ourselves to feel the feelings.” “Moving through the feelings allows space for forgiveness and empathy,” she preaches. So yeah, it’s pretty obvious that LeAnn is going the “Brandi is the worst, I am the best” route when it comes to this particular fight, isn’t it? “I have learned, if the actions of another do not come from a place of LovE, it’s a calling our for LovE,” she goes on. “Viewing the actions of others from that space really opens up the gates of leniency and seeing the lessons of what we personally internalize and absorb.” “In choosing LovE, we choose to see past the actions and limitations of our humanness and recognize our oneness as spirit.” She’s so evolved, you guys. Just entirely past all this pettiness. LeAnn writes that it’s hard to live this way, but it’s “the right thing” to do. She’s gotten it wrong, of course, but she is “taking responsibility for my own pain in order to not hurt others.” She says that her “LovE” is “incredibly far reaching, but it’s only because I am continually doing the work on myself day by day, replacing the constricted thought process of fear with that of LovE.” “Will we be disappointed at the twisting of innocence and the actions of others?” she asks. “Of course we will, but we will remain steadfast in LovE.” “This world needs LovErs. It’s time to show up for LovE. What better time than now?” she concludes. If you were hoping that LeAnn might take some responsibility for how this mess has gone down over the past eight years, sorry to disappoint. But hey, just take that disappointment and turn it into LovE.
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