Kris Jenner: I Will STOP Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s Wedding!!!

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A mysterious ring has started a panic equal to that of an epidemic. Blac Chyna showed off a big diamond ring via Snapchat from her holiday in Turks and Caicos, sending social media into an absolute tizzy over whether she and Rob Kardashian are engaged. One person not pysched about the (probably untrue) news? Kris Jenner, who is reportedly working to “put a stop” to whatever wedding those two lovebirds have planned. “If Rob and Black Chyna plan on getting married, Kris will put an immediate stop to it,” a source reportedly told Hollywood Life on February 10th. “There is no way that Kris is going to let her son get married to Blac Chyna or anyone right now.” A fair point, especially given Kardashian’s fragile state. In late December, the recluse was diagnosed with Diabetes, the result of major weight gain and unhealthy living over a two-year period. “While she is glad to see that Rob is out and about more than usual, she doesn’t 100% trust Blac’s real motives,” the source added. “Kris fears her son is too vulnerable to make such a lifetime decision, and that it would be coming from a place of impulse.” Tldr; Kris Jenner emerges as the voice of reason. View Slideshow: 11 Times Kris Jenner Was Completely F—ing Over It
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