Kody Brown, Sister Wives to Be Prosecuted For Polygamy?

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It has been a rough several months for the Brown family of TLC’s Sister Wives fame, but might there be a light at the end of the tunnel? At least from a legal standpoint? Given some of the events we’ve watched play out over the past six months, fans are wondering what more can go wrong for the family. After patriarch Kody’s divorce and remarriage, wife Meri’s catfish-cheating scandal, and reports that three wives are dumping Brown? They’re up against quite a bit. One more straw could break the proverbial polygamous camel’s back, but family reportedly received good news from the justice system: Bill HB281 was just passed by the House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee in Utah and will soon be put up for a vote. The bill would change bigamy from a felony to a misdemeanor, meaning their lifestyle is getting closer to being recognized as legal! Brown is legally married to and only banging Robyn these days, but he and his three other wives all fled Utah for Nevada a few years ago. The move was prompted by Utah’s polygamy law, which they are suing over, and waiting for the 10th Circuit court to hear their case. Under the new bill, the practice would not be legal, but the crime classification for having plural marriages would be drastically reduced. It “redefines bigamy as purporting to marry ‘and’ cohabiting with another person while married to someone else or with someone else who is married.” In a controversial move, Kody divorced Meri in 2014 and married Robyn that year, then adopted her children from a previous marriage. Of course, whether polygamy is legal or not may not hold the family together if reports of Janelle and Meri leaving Kody are to be believed. Not to mention rumors of Kody courting a secret lover on the side. Did we mention dude has 18 kids as well? There’s a lot on his plate. View Slideshow: 18 Reality TV Show Families That Make Us Want to Vomit
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