Kellyanne Conway Surfaces To Blame Trump’s ‘Face-Lift’ Tweets On The Media For ‘Ridiculing’ The President!

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Donald Trump once again sparked media outrage this week with his controversial “face-lift” tweet aimed at Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski, and even Republicans are having a hard time defending him over the embarrassing attack. That is, all Republicans except Kellyanne Conway, who was summoned from her crypt basement to spin around this story and put all the blame on — you guessed it — the MEDIA! Related: Morning Joe Hosts Respond To Trump’s ‘Childlike’ Shade! Appearing on Fox and Friends on Friday, the counselor to POTUS argued that Trump was simply defending himself from the mean news bullies who continuously criticize and ridicule him. Like an overprotective mom, Kellyanne scolded the media for calling her special boy “names” then “feigning shock” when he hits back, ranting: “It’s incredible to watch people play armchair psychologists, outwardly ridiculing the president’s physicalities, his mental state, calling him names that you wouldn’t want children to call people on the playground, you would punish them for doing that, and then all of a sudden feigning shock when he wants to fight back and defend himself and hopefully change the conversation.” Change the conversation to what, though? The cautions of facial reconstructive surgery? Video: ATTN: REPUBLICANS! Conway went on to say Trump is giving Americans “the information they need” by constantly tweeting, but media meanies only focus on “these cherry-picked social media usage” instead of covering his important tweets about “policy, bilateral meetings…foreign policy, ISIS, [and] terrorist attacks.” Which is total bullshit, as the media has definitely kept a critical eye on his policy actions — like the GOP’s inhumane health care bill, plans to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Accords, and his flailing attempts to associate Russian collusion with any other politician. So, once again, Kellyanne is spewing out nothing but verbal sewage in defense of the Clown in Chief — an act that often leaves her feeling the need to shower, according to none other than the hosts of Morning Joe. Sounds like there might be more to this feud than Trump’s camp is leading on! Ch-ch-check out the clip (below) to see Kellyanne defend her precious POTUS. .@KellyannePolls on @foxandfriends​: “The president every single day is fighting for all Americans.” — Fox News (@FoxNews) June 30, 2017 [Image via Fox News/NBC News.] PerezHilton