IT Guru Serge Belamant is Using Technology to Change the World

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Serge Belamant has been an entrepreneur and has worked in the business world for most of his life. He is a technology guru who has helped changed the banking industry in South Africa. His contribution to the banking sector in terms of technology has seen money transfer evolve and become convenient for those sending and receiving monthly grants. He founded his company Net1 technologies with the aim of creating a universal payment system in 1989. One of the innovations they hold patents to is the Funds Transfer System (FTS). Due to his prominence in technology and finance, he was asked by VISA to create a COPAC, a chip offline pre-authorized card. The cards have become the debit and credit cards adapted by a majority of financial institutions around the world. bought the CPS, Cash Payment System, from the First National Bank of South Africa and upgraded it from an old, outdated system to a revolution that conveniently serves millions of South African citizens living in both rural and urban areas. One of the biggest things about that Serge Belamant is known for is the part he played in upgrading the delivery of social security in South Africa. Net1 and Belamant took up the mantle in 2005 for the South African Social Security Administration and made changes to it. Before their involvement, the system dragged due to old technology and a largely manual operation that sometimes delayed the deliveries of monthly grants that people were depending on. Serge Belamant has seen technology evolve and he has evolved with it. Many new things have come about since his first company, but a constant sharpening of skills has kept him and his company on top of his game. He has invested in Biometrics and perfected its use in South Africa. Incorporating biometrics in the system has enabled him to help in the fight corruption in the country. The technology means only the registered members can collect their grant through fingerprint or other biometrics. Apart from being a technology legend, he is also a champion for equality and fairness and he uses technology to achieve this fete. Serge Belamant: South Africa’s Original Social Entrepreneur
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