Hillary Clinton Wins Nevada Caucus Over Democratic Rival Bernie Sanders!

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This wasn’t a surprise, but still good to see! The Democrats held a caucus in Nevada on Saturday, and Hillary Clinton came away the winner, defeating fellow liberal candidate Bernie Sanders at the polls in the far western state. Related: Which Candidate Does Your Fave Celeb Support?! The two candidates were matched very closely in national polls heading into Saturday, but in Nevada alone, Hillary was expected to do pretty well — and well she did! She did so well, in fact, that media following the race was comfortable enough to name her the winner of the state while one-third of the results were still uncounted! She took home 52% of the vote on a day where Nevada saw record turnout, compared to Sanders’ 48% at last count. Prior to Nevada, Clinton had 36 delegates, while Sanders had 32, so this will widen her lead just a little bit more. Related: So Did Britney Spears Endorse Hillary Or Not?! There you go, another win for Hillary! You go, girl!!! [Image via Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.] PerezHilton