Fans On Twitter Do NOT Like JAY-Z & Beyoncé’s Rumored Twin Names!

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So if you hadn’t heard, a rumor came out a couple days ago that JAY-Z and Beyonce had chosen some very legacy names for their twins. We didn’t report on it because right now, it’s just a rumor without any solid sources. But now that two names, real or not, are out there, fans are reacting — and we’re curious if our Perezcious readers feel the same way as most of Twitter! Related: Update On Beyoncé & JAY-Z’s Twins And The Health Issue They’re Dealing With So what are the names already? Shawn and Bea. That makes them both kinda named after their parents. It’s just so… we don’t want to say pedestrian. But we expected more from Jay and Bey. And so did fans! See the most underwhelmed reactions (below)! Shawn jr. and Bea Carter……….that’s cute but it ain’t BLUE IVY — no angel ? (@thiccknowless) June 21, 2017 @Bey_Legion can you comment on this Bea and Shawn rumor? i can’t believe those are the names she would choose — PLNTGAL ? (@sarathesprout) June 23, 2017 The blogs are saying Beyoncé named the twins Bea and Shawn. If this is true, I’m going to be heartbroken. — zoom❕ (@_imcountry) June 23, 2017 Shawn and Bea. It’s cute or whatever but I was hoping for some colors or inanimate objects like chair and chain — LeVoncé (@__Levonce) June 22, 2017 Bea and Shawn Carter? ??? I liked Red Velvet and Purple Rain better. — Pretty Bluntt (@LitFashAmbass) June 22, 2017 I stg if the Beyoncé rumours are true, imagine having a family with names like Jay Z, Beyoncé, Blue Ivy and Bea and you’re called Shawn? — your average wain x (@MurrayWalker15) June 22, 2017 If the carter twins really are called Shawn are Bea I’m gonna scream who the fuck names both their twins after themselves….. — ellie (@startoftimes) June 23, 2017 Best celeb kids names: Will=Willow & Jada= Jaden. That was classic.This Sean=Shawn and Beyonce=Bea is very ?? #unexpected #TheCartersTwins — Malisea (Lisa) (@Malisea) June 23, 2017 Eesh! What do YOU think of the rumored names?? [Image via Instagram.] PerezHilton