EXCLUSIVE! Taryn Manning’s Former Friend And Alleged Ex-Lover Jeanine Heller Reveals Dirt On The OITNB Star’s Harassment History!

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WOW!!!! We just spoke with Jeanine Heller, the former friend — and as we are learning, apparently the former lover — of OITNB star Taryn Manning, and boy have we uncovered some inneresting dirt! Related: Taryn Manning Is Sentenced For Assaulting Her Assistant Heller, you remember, has been arrested in the past for allegedly stalking Manning, though to be fair, Manning too has taken more than her fair share of legal drama in cases, as well. Now, Heller is ready to come clean about what went down between her and Manning, and she isn’t holding back: “I’m so sick of the press skirting around what really happened. Call it what it is — a lesbian relationship gone bad. Her and I were in a relationship, she lived with me in my Manhattan condo rent and expense free, when she refused to get into a real rehab for her alcoholism I broke things off and asked her to move out. That set her on the war path.” Check out Heller’s entire long explanation, below: “The entire case was a mess and an embarrassment to the legal system. First, I want to make it clear, that there was never any stalking or harassment. Those allegations were completely false and should have never been allowed by the NY DA. There was zero evidence or corroboration of any of Taryn’s claims throughout this nightmare. All there ever was was an emotionally unstable actress with numerous addiction issues looking to abuse yet another one of her female lovers. I’m so sick of the press skirting around what really happened. Call it what it is — a lesbian relationship gone bad. Her and I were in a relationship, she lived with me in my Manhattan condo rent and expense free, when she refused to get into a real rehab for her alcoholism I broke things off and asked her to move out. That set her on the war path. Throughout my case the prosecutor, Zachary Weintraub, refused to subpoena evidence that would prove Taryn’s wrongdoing. I’ve learned that he knew Taryn had sent those threatening texts to me in Oct/Nov ’15 and violated the Order of Protection I had against her. He knew that the NYPD was in the right when they arrested her. He even received a confession from Taryn who claimed she sent the texts “out of frustration,” yet he still went ahead an voided the arrest. He then continued to pursue false allegations against me, claiming I created the story of the texts and there was zero corroboration, despite Taryn admitting to him that she had committed the crime. He threatened me into taking plea deals against my will, and hid evidence. All he ever had to do was pull the cell phone records and see her texting me, he never did because that would prove Taryn had staged these situations. Me and my attorney begged both him and his superiors within the NYDA office to handle the case properly. We supplied them with numerous contacts of other women who Taryn had falsely accused of crimes, women who she had also lesbian relations with. We handed them solid evidence proving her claims were false and they did nothing but harass and abuse an innocent person. They sat back and let Taryn repeatedly use the order of protection as a weapon rather than a shield. The last “attack” by Taryn was her claim that I had text her on her new cell number (a number I never had) on or around June 6th, 2015. She backed up this claim with a purported screenshot of an email dated July 22, 2015 from, as she claimed, TrueCaller. Her claim was that I used the service to find her new number. Even if the texts occurred in early June common sense should have entered here — how would I be able to text her on the 6th, if I didn’t even search for her number until the 22nd. Also, it would be odd for her to receive an email if a phone number was searched – How would TrueCaller have had her email to send this to … obvious things like this were ignored in the courtroom. On July 1, 2015 even though my attorney stated the document was believed to be an act of forgery – however, the Judge remanded me and again the prosecutor conducted no investigation and again threatened me and forced me into a plea deal against my will. When I left Rikers in October 2015, after serving a total of 4 months for crimes I never committed, I asked my attorney to get me the full documentation and evidence Taryn had submitted throughout the case. The prosecutor was reluctant to hand them over but I finally received them in January of this year. Since then we have been able to confirm without a doubt that Taryn fabricated the documents she provided the ADA. Confirmation has come directly from each source — AT&T has confirmed her text allegations throughout the case have been false. In August 2014 Taryn claimed I left her a voicemail that led to an arrest for a violation. We have now been able to show that her evidence was simply a past voicemail I had left her prior to any legal drama in June 2014 that she simply recorded it again and claimed it to be from Aug 2014. Another source, TrueCaller, has confirmed the screenshots she submitted were “not authentic” and an act of “forgery.” There is a mountain of evidence finally in hand showing the extent of her lies and how Taryn went about defrauding the legal system … and there’s still more coming in. Those aren’t even the craziest ones that we have now confirmed her as staging. It breaks my heart what I have been through and my family and loved ones have been put through. All of this should have been stopped from the get-go, but the ADA saw an opportunity to get his name in the paper and sadly was willing to carry out gross misconduct in order to secure a win. Once everything is in I will be pursuing legal action. The defamation done to my good name, the mental and physical damage done from being put through this, everything … it’s really sad. Taryn’s a severe alcoholic and drug abuser, while I’m not a therapist I think it’s safe to say that on top of her addiction issues there’s some severe overlapping mental illnesses that have unfortunately been let untreated. Her continued cycle of abuse and filing frivolous lawsuits against imaginary stalkers, business partners and now the NYPD is insane and needs to stop. She would be wise to retract her current lawsuit against the NYPD for $ 10mm before they hear about this and also go after her for fraud. It’s an ongoing cycle with her and I wasn’t the least surprised to hear about the most recent incident between her and Holli Hartman, a woman who Taryn’s had an on-off lesbian relationships over the years. I find it amusing that Taryn tried to spin it as yet another “stalker” situation, the truth is she has abused Holli on multiple occasions. But that’s their own drama and I am going to stick with my current situation. I even said throughout the case, it really has nothing to do with ME, if it wasn’t me she was attacking it would have just been someone else. It’s her own fault should she end up in jail because of what she did, and I do think she should have to sit in Rikers for at minimum the same amount of time I had to sit there. Except her crimes are real. It’s a felony to fabricate documents and enter them into court. On top of that she is looking at fraud, harassment, stalking charges… I know she will try to blame me or someone else, anyone other than herself. She knows no accountability, she feels no remorse. In every situation she plays the faux victim, gets her PR team on board and puts some “poor Taryn” bullsh*t out there, when all the while she is the abuser causing harm in the other person’s life. Those around her that know the truth about her drinking and about her mental problems and turn a blind eye aren’t real friends, they don’t care. What makes a person do this to another is beyond me. I was nothing but kind and loving with her and sincerely tried to help her into getting the help she so desperately needs. I have some compassion because she is so mentally ill but she can’t continue abusing people who have done nothing to her, then leverage her celebrity credit and PR team in order to promote her false victim act to the public. It’s not fair to the real victims here, like myself. I have always said that the truth always comes to light … even if it takes it damn time, eventually it shows up.” WOW!!! What do U think of this reveal?! [Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.] PerezHilton