Eddie Redmayne Talks Taylor Swift Dating Rumors, Reveals Role the Singer DIDN’T Get!

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Taylor Swift likes dating famous dudes. And these days, she seems to have a particular thing about dating famous dudes from the UK. Actually, that might not be the case now that Taylor's relationships with Tom Hiddleston, Calvin Harris and Harry Styles have all fizzled, but at one time she preferred dudes from under the Crown. So perhaps it's not surprising that it was once rumored Taylor and Eddie were hooking up. That was years ago, and these days, Redmayne is married, but because Andy Cohen is the guy who goes through your phone when you get up to use the bathroom, the topic came up on last night's Watch What Happens Live. In fairness, it was a caller, and not Andy, who asked Eddie about his romantic history with Taylor, and his answer was far more interesting than we would have expected. Not surprisingly, the answer is no, Eddie and Taylor were never romantically involved. She was with Hiddleston for about four seconds before the world found out (via a photo-op make-out session), so it would've come as quite a shock if Taylor dated a well-known Brit and actually kept it under wraps. However, it seems those rumors about Taylor trying out for Les Miserables and not getting the part are 100% true. Redmayne clearly didn't mean to throw shade, but he kinda did exactly that when he admitted to meeting Taylor when she was auditioning for the role that eventually went to Samantha Barks. Yes, Taylor tried out for Les Mis and didn't get the part or the guy. It's a story that's perfectly high school, and thus – perfectly Taylor Swift.
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