Conflicing Details Leaked About What Corinne Olympios May Have Been Doing That Fateful Night On Bachelor In Paradise

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So things are getting interesting around The Bachelor in its Bachelor In Paradise drama — Corinne Olympios’ story doesn’t appear to be getting confirmed by people who have seen the video of her incident with DeMario Jackson. According to TMZ, sources within Corrine’s legal representation claim that she was so drunk on that fateful evening with DeMario that she did a face-plant in the jacuzzi, and was dragged and laying on the ground as the sexual assault continued. There’s one issue there, though — sources who have seen the video and are not part of Corinne’s representation say none of that actually happened. Related: Wait, What Really Happened on BIP?! Corinne’s sources with allegedly claim that, as we’ve been hearing, she was not capable of consent because of so much alcohol consumption. And there’s a further detail that one of the cast members told producers — after Corinne’s alleged face plant — to stop filming altogether, only to be shot down by the show’s staff. But TMZ now has “sources,” too, that allege Corinne’s version of the story is “absolutely not true.” That means no face plant, no being laid out on the ground, and “no ambiguity after seeing the video.” Hmmm. Related: Corinne Breaks Her Silence Further, these anti-Corinne sources say not only did another cast member not come forward and ask to stop filming, but that many have come forward alleging the opposite — that Corinne knew exactly what she was doing and wasn’t incapable of consent. This sounds messy, and it may only get more difficult to hear as more information, allegations, and “sourced” rumors come out. Let’s just hope the truth — whatever that may be — eventually comes front and center. [Image via ABC.] PerezHilton