Former CEO puts €4 million into Munich-based travel tech startup Holidu

Holidu, a Munich-based travel tech company, today announced a €5 million extension to its €40 million Series C round from last year. Notably, €4 million of that extension comes the personal fund of former CEO and Uber advisor Kees Koolen, who frequently invests in this space and has been on the startup’s board since(…)

Why Facebook’s political-ad ban is taking on the wrong problem

When Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would stop accepting political advertising in the week before the US presidential election, he was responding to widespread fear that social media has outsize power to change the balance of an election. Political campaigns have long believed that direct voter contact and personalized messaging are effective tools to convince people to(…)

Munich-based IDnow acquires Wirecard Communication Services

IDnow, a Munich-based identity verification provider, is buying Wirecard Communication Services in an asset deal. The takeover comes as bits and pieces of the Wirecard Group are bought or repurposed after the fintech company collapsed earlier this summer. Wirecard UK was recently bought by Railsbank, and an internal innovation team moved as a unit to(…)

UK’s Arkessa buys Sim Services to expand IoT connectivity services throughout the Netherlands

Arkessa, a British-born IoT connectivity provider, is acquiring Sim Services, a Netherlands-based connectivity services provider. The acquisition will allow Arkessa to strengthen its presence in the Netherlands. Founded in 2009, the UK company serves a variety of verticals and has offices in Europe and the US. Its service allows users to design, deploy and manage(…)