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20 Years of Science Fiction and Fantasy: The Many Faces of Xenite.Org

On March 14, 1997 I officially launched Xenite.Org as a new collective home for four Websites I had established in various places. I built my first Website (“The Worlds of Michael Martinez”) on CompuServe in a special users’ section I… Read more → The post 20 Years of Science Fiction and Fantasy: The Many Faces(…)

KatieJane Garside (ex-Daisy Chainsaw ) re-embraces noise with liar, flower

With liar, flower, former Daisy Chainsaw frontperson KatieJane Garside builds upon the work of her previous project, Ruby Throat, but re-introduces some of the noise and abrasiveness of her earlier projects. Once again a collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Chris Whittingham, liar, flower recently released an extremely varied debut album, Geiger Counter. While some of the songs maintain(…)

Relentlessly Earnest and Socially Distanced 2020 DNC Stayed on Message for Joe Biden (Column)

For an event that necessarily unfolded from scattered locations across the country, the theme of the 2020 Democratic National Convention was unified from the start. Over four nights, a (virtual) parade of politicians, celebrities and citizens solemnly told the audience at home that this election is about saving “the soul of this nation” from Donald(…)

Olé Koretsky (D.A.R.K) talks about his new solo EP, “MMXX”

After taking two years away from the music business, multi-instrumentalist/producer DJ Olé Koretsky is back with a new solo EP, MMXX. Koretsky had previously been part of the DJ outfit and band Jetlag with Andy Rourke (The Smiths), which evolved into D.A.R.K. when his life partner Dolores O’Riordan (The Cranberries) joined. The post Olé Koretsky(…)

History for Fantasy Writers: On Tree-Wrights and Others

Carpentry probably doesn’t sound like a subject with much potential for writing fantasy, and I’ll admit the scope is restricted. But sometimes authors want a modest touch for effect, to add depth to the great epic they’ve undertaken. Five types of woodworking industries can be named, from the late Middle Ages: sawyers, carvers, turners, carpenters,(…)

Auburn Drive-In Weekend Concert Aims To Give People Live Music At A Distance

AUBURN (CBS13) – More than a hundred people gathered at the Gold Country Fairgrounds on Saturday as part of a three-day drive-in weekend concert. The event’s goal doubled as a way to enjoy music amid the COVID-19 pandemic while raising money for the local fair. The sounds heard on Saturday night are ones many people(…)