Blac Chyna: Using Vaginal Detox Pearls?!?

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We beg you, please read this entire post before going out and buying bogus vagina pills just because Blac Chyna says so. It’s no secret that many celebrities, including Blac, shill products on Instagram to make a pretty easy buck. But some of these plugs are positively shameless and the products should not be purchased by anyone. Case in point: the “vaginal detox pearls” that Blac just promoted on her Insta. “Ladies have you been self conscious about whats going on down there? Men have you smelled anything funny about your girl lately?” she wrote in the caption. And now, some actual common sense: Ladies, if you notice a foul odor emanating from your hoo-ha and have some concerns, TAKE IT TO A DOCTOR. DO NOT shove these herbal balls in your girl because Blac Chyna tells you to, for the love of all that is holy. This is what they look like: Blac also listed some of the conditions these “magic” pearls are purported to treat, including fibroids, cysts, yeast infections and polyps. NO. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! If you have one of the conditions listed above, these voodoo balls won’t help you. And for the average woman, chances are, your lady garden is just fine and needs no detoxing. Your vag is a self-cleaning organ and purges itself monthly, but if there is truly something funky going on, it might be an infection that should be assessed by a physician – NOT AN INSTAGRAM MODEL. Of course, I’m just a writer. But here is a doctor who says the same. We understand that Rob Kardashian really enjoys Blac’s vagina, but I can almost guarantee it has nothing to do with this product. If you’d like to see how much Blac may have made just to post a photo of these dubious suppositories, check out the gallery below: View Slideshow: Instagram’s Top-Earning Celebs: You Won’t BELIEVE How Much They Make!
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