Bethenny Frankel: FURIOUS Over NeNe Leakes’ Fat Paycheck!

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Most of the time, Real Housewives feuds are limited to their respective shows. Teresa Giudice doesn’t flip tables on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Lisa Rinna doesn’t smash wine glasses on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. But even from New York, Bethenny Frankel is reportedly fuming at a certain Real Housewives of Atlanta star star … for a very big reason. Remember how we already told you about NeNe Leakes’ big fat paycheck? The reality personality confirmed her return to The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but apparently it came at a steep price for the network. As in, 2 million dollars for one season. She’s an original cast member of that show and she’s a big name, even outside of the Real Housewives fandom. So, we get it. Some actors are extremely well-paid for television. And reality stars are definitely actors, too. But at the same time, that’s a huge amount of money. And apparently none of the other Real Housewives of Wherever are getting that much. Reportedly, Bethenny Frankel is furious about this. “Bethenny saw reports about what Nene is getting and is livid.” Yeah, apparently Bethenny Frankel can’t stand that Nene Leakes is getting paid more, according to RadarOnline. “She wants to be the best paid housewife!” Don’t we all? Well, give or take the housewife bit. Now, the report doesn’t state that Bethenny is planning to take any particular action. So we’re not expecting, like, a walkout or, worse, for her to speak about it publicly. Sometimes all that you can do when you’re pissed is just seethe about it. And maybe quietly start badgering the network for a bigger cut. Honestly? We have our doubts. Bethenny’s always seemed us to be a grounded person. Relative to other Real Housewives, we mean. Not so much in the real world. Like, Eileen Davidson is nuts enough to be a Real Housewife, right? But opposite someone like Kim Richards, Eileen has this glacial calm. Bethenny falls into that category. Her zingers can be a bit much sometimes, but that’s part of her job. That means that she’s usually one of the people you want to root for. But not necessarily one of the ones who hooks people’s attention in a must watch kind of way. But even people who are otherwise pretty chill can totally change when we’re talking about money. NeNe Leakes is expected to have a central storyline in the upcoming season of RHOA. Stars who get more airtime generally get paid more. And the “storyline” bit is a great reminder that every single reality show is a story sculpted by producers, carefully crafted in the editing room. Not to mention the fact that everyone in front of the cameras is very conscious that they’re there. So if Bethenny wants to push for more pay for herself, she might need to get herself a central, compelling story. As we said, we don’t expect Bethenny to openly talk about this money situation. Though it does occur to us that “Real Housewife jealous of another’s income” wouldn’t be the worst supervillain origin story we’ve ever heard. She’d be called “Fake Housewife,” of course. We’re just not sure that Bethenny Frankel has that kind of disposition.
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