Bella Thorne: Check Out My Body … I Mean, Burger!

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No, this isn’t a Hardee’s commercial parody … we think. It’s just Bella Thorne, flaunting her teenage beautiful person metabolism on Snapchat. We’re not sure if she’s personally bullying her followers or if this is a refreshing break from the “yum, carrot sticks” posts that a lot of actresses make, so you’ll have to decide for yourselves. Actually, as you’ll soon see, there’s a tomato in there, which makes this the most disgusting thing that Bella Thorne has ever done. Well, except for getting her boob pawed by Scott Disick. Otherwise, the burger looks fine. It has enough lettuce that it’s basically a salad, but I’ve been known to get kale on my burger so I’m in no place to judge. Bella looks fine (as in damn girl, you’re fine). And while of course people with gorgeous bodies eat hamburgers all of the time, it’s so rare to see celebrities advertising genuinely delicious food. Like, strawberries are delicious, but if you show me a plate of three strawberries, a half a kiwi, and some lightly seasoned chard with a “yum” caption and I’m gonna be wondering why you’re showing photos of garnish and where your meal is. It’s not exclusively a celebrity thing, but that’s where you see it the most. You see actresses tweet photos of tiny meals that grew in dirt. You see actors post Instagram videos of their workouts. Both are basically required for them to keep their jobs and it can’t be fun. So seeing this from Bella is a little different … if she actually ate the whole thing. We’re not so sure. The burger looks pretty intact throughout Bella’s Snapchat adventures, but she did later express that she “felt so full.” So we’re at least meant to assume that she ate it. I’m personally a little grossed out that she’s touching it with her hands when utensils exist. But maybe eating a burger with a knife and fork like a civilized person isn’t the look that she was going for. But then again, the burger isn’t the true focus. And neither is her temporarily pink hair. Honestly, the burger was more of an attention-grabbing prop. You know, like how she posed with Gregg Sulkin, but the burger has a more dynamic personality. Your eyes latch onto the burger and you might get hungry. But her body’s there to upstage the food every single time. After all, even Bella Thorne’s nude photos might get old after a while — you gotta mix it up. Even when she’s basically just showing her collarbones. And especially when she’s showing exactly how skimpy her white seashell bikini is. Ultimately, we only know two things based on these Snapchat antics: -Bella Thorne is ridiculously hot, which is not news -Bella Thorne is probably not on PETA’s list of favorites. And neither am I, because after looking at these, I feel like I could drop like $ 10 on the McDonald’s dollar menu. (Don’t judge me!) She’s worth millions, but young actresses are always in the market for new work, so maybe a fast food place will see this and snatch her up to do some ads for them. View Slideshow: 33 Hottest Bella Thorne Photos EVER!
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