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Amy Coney Barrett, the front-running candidate, met in person with the President at the White House today

President Donald Trump was only seven minutes into his campaign rally Friday when word arrived backstage that would dramatically alter the final stretch of his first term. Yet as his aides debated whether to alert him that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had died, another message arrived from Trump’s chief of staff: don’t interrupt(…)

Xinjiang government confirms birth rate drop; forced sterilization denied

Chinese officials have officially acknowledged birth rates in Xinjiang dropped by almost a third in 2018, compared to the previous year, in a letter to CNN in which they also denied reports of forced sterilization and genocide by authorities in the far western region. CNN.com – RSS Channel – World

Trump and the GOP spent the weekend rolling out a way to try to solidify an unassailable and generational majority on the nation’s top bench

The United States is barreling into the ultimate political stress test, with the most divisive partisan collisions — a Supreme Court battle and a presidential election — occurring in the middle of an again-worsening pandemic that is about to claim its 200,000th American life. CNN.com – RSS Channel – HP Hero

Experimental Finland

Most people spend their evenings kicking back with a book or whatever’s on Netflix. In Finland, they’re teaching themselves artificial intelligence (AI). In the summer of 2017, computer scientist Teemu Roos heard that the government was looking for ways to teach ordinary people the basics of artificial intelligence. It would be a continuing education initiative­—not(…)