All Aboard! The Lost Romance of the Sleeper Train

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La Vie Parisienne 1922 Books, songs and movies have long-romanticised what it’s like to travel overnight on a sleeper train. Julie Garland took us on a musical ride along the Santa Fe Railway in The Harvey Girls, while Bing Crosby and company whisked us across the American plains to the mountains of Vermont aboard a beautifully vintage streamliner train in White Christmas, sipping cocktails in a fancy bar car dressed to the nines, before retiring to their velvet curtained sleeper bunks. Then there were the more suspenseful journeys with James Bond aboard the Orient Express in From Russia With Love or with Agatha Christie, who’s secret villain happily does away with numerous travellers during the night in what is probably the most famous sleeper train story of them all, Murder on the Orient Express. Euston Station, 1925.
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