2 Dogs Maul NY Girl Walking to Bus Stop; Animals Euthanized

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An 11-year-old girl was attacked by two dogs in Yonkers while walking to the bus stop on Thursday, authorities said.The child was no longer at the scene when police arrived at the location on Yonkers Avenue after getting a report about the attack involving two large Bullmastiff-type dogs, authorities said.  Dog Euthanized After It Attacks Boy, Mauls Woman: Police The dogs were there, though, and police say they appeared aggressive and were unleashed with no owner present. Authorities tried to control the animals with health sticks and darts, but when that didn’t work, they were euthanized.The girl was not at the scene when police arrived, they said. A good Samaritan helped fend off the dogs and drove the girl to a local hospital, where she is being treated for bite marks and scratches, police said. Her family is with her at the hospital, and she is in stable condition, police said. Police are actively investigating the incident. The dogs’ owner has been located and is in contact with police. Top local law enforcement also stopped by the hospital to check on the girl’s welfare. Photo Credit: NBC 4 NY
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