15 Hot Young Celebs Who Are Secretly 40

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It's tough to make a living in Hollywood, and it only gets tougher with age. That goes doubly for women in the film industry, who are often forced to conceal their age in order to avoid being automatically ruled out for certain roles. In 2012, Jessica Chastain was caught lying about her age. Last year, Rebel Wilson admitted to doing the same. Both women are now at points in their career where they can confess to misleading a few casting directors and still find work. However, they might have never gotten the chance to establish themselves if they hadn't fibbed a bit on their resumes. So when we present the following list of celebs who have been accused of lying about their age, we do it not to shame them, but, well … simply because it's fun to guess how old they really are. Jump into the gallery below for a list of stars who may have turned 29 a half dozen times. Just don't judge them to harshly.  After all, sometimes you have to play with the truth in order to get to the top – and just about every politician on Earth is guilty of far worse fabrications than these.   1. Blake Lively – 28 Blake Lively says she’s 28 years old. Rumors that she’s lying about her age have haunted her since her Gossip Girl days. 2. Margot Robbie – 25 Margot Robbie claims to be 25, but many fans have pointed out that she looks a bit older. Hey, that Australian sun will do a number on your skin. 3. Lindsay Lohan – 29 LiLo certainly looks older than her 29 years. The sad part is, in this case, we don’t think she’s lying about her age as much as we think her lifestyle has added at least 11 years to it in terms of mileage. 4. Adele – 27 Maybe it’s her old school style, but some folks think Adele’s latest album should be titled 35-ish. 5. Coco – 36 Coco says she’s 36, and frankly, we believe her. Hell, there are far more unbelievable things about her body than her age. 6. Bella Thorne – 18 Obviously, Bella is gorgeous, but does she look 18? We suspect her parents might’ve misled some casting directors to give Bella a leg up when she was a child star. View Slideshow
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