10 Best TV Presidents of All-Time

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TV shows have given us some thrilling political dramas over the years.  At one point, The West Wing was one of the best shows on the air.  A lot of TV shows have opted to go on a more sensational route. For example, Scandal threw in an election rigging plot to send ratings flying high.  Scroll down for the 10 Best TV Presidents of All-Time… 1. Fitzgerald Grant His election votes may have been rigged, but what is there not to like about Fitzgerald Grant? 2. William Devane on Stargate SG-1 William Devane portrayed President Henry Hayes on Stargate SG-1, and he got rid of all the traitors. 3. Bill Pullman on 1600 Penn Bill Pullman took on the role of President Dale Gilchrist on NBC’s cult favorite, 1600 Penn. The show did not last long, but Dale shared a lot of witty one-liners with the audience before it was all over. 4. Kiefer Sutherland on Designated Survivor Tom Kirkman became the President under the direst of circumstances, but he’s surprisingly pretty great at it. 5. Geena Davis on Commander In Chief Geena Davis shocked audiences with her role as Mackenzie Allen on Commander in Chief. It was an intriguing enough series, but it never really caught on with audiences. 6. Blair Underwood on The Event Blair Underwood portrayed President Elias Martinez on the ill-fated NBC drama series, The Event. Instead of keeping the truth about aliens secret, he decided to disclose it to the world. View Slideshow
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