Crochet Sweetheart T-shirt Yarn Purse

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is the tutorial for making a super cute sweetheart T-shirt yarn purse. If you like this crochet sweetheart T-shirt yarn bag, you may also enjoy my other sewing and craft projects on the blog at https://gwenstellamade.wordpress.com.There is also a free PDF download for th…By: gwenstella Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Yoda Yarn Bowl

Ever since I started playing with yarn, I’ve been yearning for a yarn bowl, and now I finally decided to make one. I know there are plenty of easier designs out there, but I wanted something special and I also love Star Wars. And so the idea of Yoda Yarn Bowl was born :DThis was(…)


Sports Team Yarn Plaque

When you want to add a little creative flair to either a man-cave or even as a regular decoration in your home. You can use this guide to create a wooden plaque displaying your favorite team’s logo using a unique and clever design using nails and yarn. This project is fun and a great challenge(…)


This Week in Making: Lightbulb Projector, Holographic Girl, and Yarn Bombed Trees

This week saw makers creating a lightbulb that projects your phone, a holographic Japanese girl assistant, yarn-bombed trees, and more. Read more on MAKE The post This Week in Making: Lightbulb Projector, Holographic Girl, and Yarn Bombed Trees appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers. Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers


Making the Yarn Frisbee

I made a Frisbee from yarn and epoxy! So a couple weeks back I made these yarn bowls because all the ones I’d seen looked crazy fragile. Mine could be bounced off the concrete. Which got me thinking, what else could I make from this?! Working off a form I picked up a Spider-Man Frisbee(…)


Yarn Pencil Holder

I made this thing as a school project. It looks crappy in the picture but it is actually useful. I didn’t make mine big because I did not have that much yarn to work with. If you make this, I am sure that it will be better. I am just a messy person, which is(…)


DIY Faux Yarn Balls

Make your own mini faux yarn balls with scrap yarn! I’m always looking for cool ways to use up my scrap yarn – ways that aren’t stupid or wasteful. This may fall somewhere between the two, actually, but that’s okay. Pile them in a pretty bowl or tin, string them on twine, or hang them(…)