Cork Bottle Wraps | Wine Labels

This week, we’re making cork bottle wraps or unique wine bottle labels using our Speedy 300 laser engraving machine. We’re using our 0.8mm cork board to laser engrave graffiti-themed labels. We then simply peal off the 3M adhesive and place them on our bottles. You’re not only limited to wine bottle…By: Trotec Laser Canada Continue(…)


Prep Cook: Spicy Buffalo Wraps, Loaded Pizza, Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie, and More

Hello, hello, it’s time for Prep Cook! We’ve taken care of the hardest part of meal planning: actually choosing what to eat. We test a week’s worth of recipes so you spend your time and money making the most delicious ones. This week we have jam filled muffins, pizza packed with tasty toppings, spicy buffalo(…)


Do Compression Socks, Sleeves, and Wraps Help You Work Out Better?

Basketball players, runners, weight lifters, and everyday gym-goers are always looking for an extra edge, and they think compression gear might be just the thing. By squeezing yourself into these stretchy garments, you supposedly increase blood flow, which in theory, means more oxygen to working muscles and a better… Read more… Lifehacker