Rustic Wooden Chandelier

The Internet is a fantastic tool to find the inspiration for a project. Just like here at instructables 😀 … For my lighting project, I found my inspiration here: https://www.idlights.com/wooden-beam/We talk about inspiration, because I wanted to have a little more ” rustic-chic ” vs ” rustic-…By: Simon_Cloutier Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Electric Wooden Bike Toy

This summer during the Maker Faire Moscow (https://moscow.makerfaire.com), I conducted a workshop with children. The main goal was to motivate them to make something with their hands. It was also a good pretext to make them understand the very basis of electricity and also some mechanical principles…By: AdrienR Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Wooden Notebook With Engraved Cover

This project is to turn an ordinary wire-bound notebook into a custom-made wooden notebook with an engraved design. The front and back cover will be replaced with custom covers made from plywood. You can use any type of spiral bound notebook, as long as it is possible to non-destructively remove …By: Maker Design Lab Continue(…)


Wooden Soap Dish

You made homemade soaps, but you do not have soap dishes, here is a simple tutorial for you For this tuto you need :- A wooden board- 2 clamps- A wood router with guide and 2 différent cutter like in this picture. – Tracing tool- Miter saw- Sanding paperand do not forget to wear, for(…)


Diy Glowing Wooden Clock

This time i tried to make a glowing wooden clock with used wooden piece .i tried to combine wood ,aluminium sheet & epoxy resin .If you like please comment & subscribe . Feel free to ask any question or suggestion .Material Aluminium sheet, wooden piece, Epoxy resin ,glow powder, clock, blue pigmen…By: aaishtv Continue Reading(…)