Wooden Programmable Puzzle Box

Welcome to my Wooden Programmable Puzzle Box. For this project I wanted to design a wooden box that would be like a reverse escape room. It was important that it could store physical clues and objects, and it had to be programmable. I wanted to make it completely mechanical without using any digi…By: brandonelms Continue(…)


Old Wooden Box Restoration

The box is about 150 years old, the color faded, mechanical function is bad.It’s pretty bad looking and that’s why it’s in the workshop, so let’s get started! Removing the surface with anti silicone This procedure is very important, because it’s easier to sanding with sanding paper. Other steps…By: TihJani Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Skiing Old School: Wooden Skis

Inspired by my love of skiing, this next project encompasses the art of woodworking to create an old-fashioned pair of skis with today’s modern tools. In Phase 1 we will be discussing the science behind the ski, determining its dimensions for desired performance, and going through each step of const…By: I Follow Aslan Continue Reading(…)


Custom Wooden Door Handles

The front door is the first thing everybody sees when entering. What better way to blow your guests away than by having your own, super cool, custom door handles! In this Instructable, I will take you through the process of designing, making and installing your very own wooden handles. These particu…By: Density Continue Reading »(…)