Wooden Toy Fire Truck

Hello everyone!In this instructable I will show you how you can make a wooden toy Fire Truck! It’s a great Christmas present with the holidays right around the corner.Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube Channel to see more of my toys! The Cutting List What you’ll need for this build:Base (1x): L…By: Creatiedroom Continue(…)


Wooden Shop Cart: Overview

I just moved into a new house and am in the process of setting up a small shop in my garage to do various woodworking projects. While I am planning to build a nice large workbench, the majority of my tools are still boxed up and piled in the center of the space. I decided(…)


How to Make a Wooden Toy Truck

In this video I build a gift for my Girlfriends nephew. Instead of making the typical box, or blanket chest. I give this two year old the worlds coolest Wooden Toy Truck!With the holidays right around the corner, i felt this would be a good time to get ahead on some gifts. When talking to(…)


Wooden Snake Puzzle

A little over a year ago, I posted directions on how to solve a snake puzzle. That puzzle was purchased from Amazon. This year, I decided to make my own. My design is significantly larger than anything you can purchase online and also makes a nice conversation piece for those awkward visits from …By: mtairymd(…)


Wooden Drinking Coasters

Hello everyone!In this instructables I’ll show you how you can make some beautiful wooden drinking coasters out of different wood species. Let’s get started! Preparing the Wood We’ll start by cutting the different types of wood in the right proportions.If you are using reclaimed lumber, you need …By: Creatiedroom Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Wooden Peugeot Mosaic Puzzle

Preparing for workYou will need a 27/90/2500mm alder board. Cut out three 350 mm work pieces.Match the pieces according to color to form a board. Keep grain direction in mind. Mark each plank with a number. Adjust the pieces using a block plane. Check the pieces’ integrity with a toolmaker’s straigh…By: Nikolaiwood87 Continue Reading »(…)