How to Clean Old Wood

Whether you want to clean old wood furniture, cabinets, a cutting board, wood floors, or any other type of old dirty wood, there are several similar methods you can use. No matter what method you decide to try, it’s important to always test it on a small, inconspicuous area of the wood you want to(…)


How to Remove Burn Marks on Wood

Pieces of wood around your home, shop, or garage can be inadvertently burned through regular wear and tear, whether it’s furniture, paneling, a tabletop, or a wooden toy. While there’s no way to repair a piece of wood that’s completely turned to ash, you can get minor, light burn marks off of wood relatively easily.(…)


How to Dry Wood Fast

Air-drying lumber typically takes at least a year per inch of thickness, which is far too long for people that want to do a quick woodworking project. Although drying times depend on things like moisture levels, wood species, and lumber thickness, you always have the option of microwaving small pieces of wood or taking a(…)


Foam and Balsa Wood RC Airplane

We built this RC Airplane as our Senior Project in our Engineering 4 Class in High School. Outlined here is our Project Overview:What is the project?In a simple statement, our project is to build a radio controlled airplane. In more detail, our project is to build the body of a RC Airplane out of di…By:(…)


Wood Garden Sofa With VIDEO

Summer is really my favourite time of year, so to spend much time outdoors we created an own garden sofa. It’s not only easy but also cheap. 😉 Check and enjoy it!VIDEO is here:CLICK measure8x 60cm (23,6in) timbers for the sides and 4x 100cm (39,4in) for seat & back sawingthis was the very…By: PaintyCloud Continue(…)