You can find random pieces of tree branches and turn them into something as cool as these resin coasters. These came out great and it was a fun experience. You can take this concept and add to it, to make them more unique. In the video, I experiment with two different approaches, I took what(…)


Wood Mug

That branch is the same thickness as a mug…hum.Inspired by bricobart’s mug. This one is considerably less manly though.Tools/Materials:Tree BranchSaw (Table, Miter, Hand, etc.)Hammer & ChiselsDrillSandpaperFinish Find It, Cut It, Debark It Net time you drive past a brush pile, find a mug-sized…By: barnard47 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


DIY Steel & Wood Bench

My friends recently asked me to make them a bench that can fit under their ridiculously long window. They needed the base to be steel and the top to be pine wood so that it would match the rest of the furniture in their house. This was a very challenging project but I learned a(…)


Wood and Metal Bar Stools

A good portion of my work is either customized or commissioned work. Today’s project has such an origin. I have made a few sets of bar stools with carved cedar wood seats that are dyed a variety of colors. So far, I have done darker tones such as red and maroon. These stools have been(…)


Wood and Resin Coffee Table

Late summer/early fall of last year (2017) I was looking for a project where I could start with a funky liveedge wood slab and incorporate some resin. I had received some interest after showing off another table I had created a few months prior at an art festival. That table was a small liveedge ha…By:(…)


DIY Wood Bluetooth Speaker

This custom Bluetooth Speaker was a fun project and it can inspire people of all ages to get into woodworking and electronics, since everyone is all about their phones these days. It’s made from 1/2" walnut and maple with a kit from Parts Express. Watch my video, download my plans, and follow this…By: TheCarmichaelWorkshop Continue(…)


Pallet Wood Counter Space

I recently moved into a new apartment with very little kitchen storage space. The constant shuffling of things around the counters quickly led to the need for more space… so I made some. The table/counter space was custom sized to fit the space I had; final size is 30" long, 17.5" wide, and 35.5…By: mara0192(…)


Wood & Resin Geode Table

We took a big live edge cookie (aka round slab, from a horizontal slice of a tree), power carved out the middle, and poured resin into it to make it look like a geode! Here are the materials and tools we used: Arbortech Mini Grinder: http://bit.ly/2pWDzPu Arbortech TURBO Plane: http://bit.ly/2pX09…By: evanandkatelyn Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)