Pallet Wood Mini Speakers

I really love pallet wood projects!I had a couple of USB powered mini speakers that didnt work right. I removed the casing and kept the speaker elements, cables and USB driver board. I also had some leftover pallet wood blocks from some of my other projects.With this project I entered the EPILOG IX …By: dekeros(…)


Wood Sheathed Flower Pot

We’ve used large pots of flowers to the sides of our garage doors for years but when I saw this upgrade somewhere I decided to make one. The plastic pots had originally been a terra-cotta color but I had painted them a forest green. I should have repainted them black or dark brown before I(…)


Impossible Lock in Wood

Puzzles and impossible objects have always fascinated me. Anything you can hold, think about, and envision how it was made, piques my interest. That is why this and many of my projects have been created. The inspiration of this impossible object came from seamster’s Impossible Nail in Wooden Block…By: tomatoskins Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Hot Pipe Wood Bending

I’ve always been intrigued by bent wood. However, I can’t afford a steamer nor do I have space to store a steam box. I came across this technique in an old issue of American Woodworker (now shared online here). Instead of placing your wood inside a steam box, you soak your wood overnight then create…By:(…)


Wood Box Mod

Hello everybody! How do you do? This is project How-ToDo my name is Konstantin, and today I want to show you how I made this wooden box mod. The main reason of making this vape was to learn how to work with this router, so I did not care too much about the electronic part,(…)


Wood Burning Art | Pyrography

Materials:Wood (I have use yellow pine).Sandpaper (to make the surface smooth).Scale.Black Pencil.Metal RulerSoldering Iron.Boiled Linseed Oil. Draw template on wood Make the surface smooth by sanding the wood.Put metal ruler on wood and mark line with black pencil from both sides of ruler.Draw n…By: Awesome Crafts Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Wood Pendant light

This wood chandelier design has a (not-so-interesting) story, so I’ll spare you the details and just tell you this. I wanted to create a project that required several half lap joints to put my half lap joint method to the test. Well, let me tell you, if you want to practice woodworking joints, a hom…By:(…)