Robotic Hand With Wireless Glove Controlled | NRF24L01+ | Arduino

In this video; 3D robot hand assembly, servo control, flex sensor control, wireless control with nRF24L01, Arduino receiver and transmitter source code are available. In short, in this project we will learn how to control a robot hand with a wireless glove. Video Tutorial With this tutorial video…By: MertArduino Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Wireless Notice Board (Bluetooth)

In this modern world where everything is digitalised, why not conventional Notice board gets a new look.So, lets make a Bluetooth controlled Notice Board which is very simple.This setup can be used in place of static notice board like in colleges/institutes, Hospital/clinics to denote patient serial…By: Abhrodeep Chanda Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Wireless Mouse Rechargable Mod

Hi everyone!So, everyone of us, who has a wireless mouse, one day wakes up, gets the mouse and obviously the battery is dead, or about to.And if you’re lucky enough, you have a spare battery, but if you don’t, either work with the trackpad, or runs to your local store to get a battery.The idea(…)