DIY Wine Rack

I originally saw this on Reddit and decided that this would be a great Christmas present for my mom since she likes these crafty things. This was a simple but fun build that pretty much any amateur can do, hence why I built it. Anyway, here are the tools and materials that I used to(…)


Modern Wine Box

When we got married, at our wedding we had what’s called a wine box ceremony. It’s a modern ritual where, during your wedding you seal up a bottle of wine inside a box along with love letters written to one another. Five years later on your anniversary you open the box, drink the wine, and(…)


Wine Cork Art

We all know someone that loves wine; whether it be ourselves, friends, or family members, and wine lovers go through quite a few bottles. Many times, after a bottle is opened, the cork is thrown out or tossed into a wine cork holder, but why not put those corks to use and make something of(…)


1938 RCA Radio Wine Bar

I picked this 1938 RCA model 811k on CL for under $ 100. To me, when buying these old radios for a conversion, the challenge is to get as much functional use out of them while maintaining the original look of a functional radio. Beginning the Conversion As can be seen, this radio needed to(…)